10 reasons why you should watch the Crossfit games

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While many of us will be tuning in to the CrossFit Games to try and spot Pricey or Gilsey in the crowd, here are 10 other reasons to tune into the games!

1. Watching the elite of our sport:
CrossFit has come a long way since the first games in 2007. The competition has risen and the level of athleticism and skill needed to be crowed the fittest on earth only increases every year. Just watching what the games athletes are capable (and not capable) of is a test of human ability unlike many others.

2. Gender Equality
The fact that women and men have an equal stage at the games is I believe one of the best elements of the games and a central part of the DNA of CrossFit from its inceptions that I am proud to be a part of. Unlike many sports, the prize money for the male and female competitions are equal, the TV coverage is equal and the teams are mixed. CrossFit’s culture of equality for female athletes has fostered a community which honours and looks up to its female athletes as equal to its male athletes. From the centre stage of the CrossFit games to the box floor this culture of equality is something CrossFit should be proudest of, and is leading the way for all sports.

3. Team competition
As this side of competition develops each year with more individual athletes ‘retiring’ to teams (Froning/ Kalefa etc.) and drawing the crowds, the competition is truly evolving before our eyes. Synchronised pull ups to deadlift relays, team work has never looks so hard or so seamless! There is something about the energy, the camaraderie and collective exhaustion the teams put out that is really special and a lesson to us all of the power of people working together.

4. The inevitable comparisons that you will make
While there are some movements at the games that we in the community probably have never performed (what is a peg board?!) most the workouts are made up of movements that we all do at the gym. So while watching the clean and jerks you can’t help but think how much more they are lifting, or how much quicker they are rowing, running, getting through wall balls, kettlebell swings or burpees! But there is a quiet satisfaction when you find one movement you are perhaps not that far behind, or noticing an athletes technique is not to Baz standards. These movements remind us that while we are watching the best of the best, they all have areas to work on and are in fact flawed and human (just).

5. The unknown and unknowable
The games have been going for 9 years with every year providing something bigger and more difficult. The workouts are different, they test the athletes in new ways and there is usually a new movement completely. There are workouts that are not released until the event which can throw a massive curve ball in at the last minute, and over the four days no one really knows who is going to come out on top until the last events.

6. This year the field is cracked wide open
This is the second year without the Champ Rich Froning in the male side of competition which not only means the title is up for grabs but also the community is split on who they want to win. The competition is fierce on both sides this year, with an especially full house of top female athletes. Few people have the same podium picks which makes for great entertainment (and good betting!)

7. Masters and Teen leagues
The Masters competition you watch with respect and admiration, while the Teens with awe and slight terror of the skills of teenagers. But seriously, these groups put us all to shame and the Masters give us goals we never thought possible.

8. Watching everyone but the Australian fail at swimming
While swimming has become an annual event at the games, and athletes have been forced to dedicated a lot to swimming training getting a lot better, the Australians just dominate this area and remind us how important it is to chuck your kids in the ocean before they can walk. No worries mate!

9. Getting Behind the underdog
There is always a great rookie story or underdog performance that gets the entire community yelling for someone no one knew the name of a few days earlier. These inspiring stories and herculean performances are some of the most exciting moments in the games, and brings community together in the way that only a true underdog hero can.

10. Disagreeing at some point with the Programing and Games Decisions
As CrossFitter’s with experience of WODs, lifting and all things physically challenging you will have opinions on the programming and the games, especially of its one-up-manship of brutality year on year. There will be a workout which will make you hold your breath and say ‘You’re kidding me!’, a judges no rep or good rep where you thing “oooooh!’ or a Castro call which will just leave you asking “why?”. While reps and workouts we can often jovially debate about, there are bigger decisions and aspects of the games that are important to evaluate. As the games and CrossFit as a sport is constantly developing and evolving, we should all be checking in and making sure the sport is moving forward and continuing to represent us as individuals, boxes and wider communities.

So There you have it 10 reasons to watch the games, however here is one last one. We have organised a get together on Sunday the 24th where we will all be meeting at the Box at 12/1 to watch the games into the night. So if you can tear yourself away from sunbathing in the park come down and join us for a BBQ and Drinks while we watch the best of the best throw down in Carson.


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