10 Tips to Smash the Open

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1) Just Sign Up!
Don’t fear there is still time to sign up for the open if you haven’t already. If you’ve been doing Crossfit for a week or 2 years you should sign up. Even if you’re injured you can sign up. We can always modify the workouts for your needs. The Open is the best platform to see how much you have developed since you started at Perpetua. Or if you are brand new it is a great place to test your capabilities. It’s a great place to examine your fitness. Find your weaknesses and your strengths that you never knew you had. The main reason is the community, you get to meet people in the gym that you might not usually train with and have the rest cheering you on! This leads nicely to my next tip.

2) Don’t do the Workouts Alone
One of the reasons for our ‘Friday Night Lights’ event is to give everyone that participates the best opportunity of producing full effort during the workout. The workouts are going to be like the WODs we do in class. Except we are going to create an environment which you will thrive, with people cheering you on, judges counting your reps and you pushing your limits. If it gives you butterflies in your stomach, good! That means you care. If you can’t make it on Fridays or one Friday that’s no problem! Contact your coach and ask them to judge you when you are both available. Make sure you have a friend doing it with you. You will push harder!

3) Take Control of your Mental Game
Your thoughts and habits are the only things that will stop you from doing this. Take control of them! Don’t over think the workout or listen to people talking themselves up. Relax, at the end of the day it’s only a workout. Don’t spend your energy on thinking too much about the open. If it’s on your social media and it makes you stressed delete or unfollow the page!! Just remember, don’t use any negative self talk or negative thoughts. Be confident in your ability to produce YOUR full effort no matter what challenge comes up.

4) The Leaderboard
As you may know we are going to have a separate leader board in Crossfit Perpetua. There is going to be a Rx and a Scaled Leaderboard. It can break you or make you. Do not spend time looking at points and other peoples scores on the leaderboard. If you have put in the work and you give it all you have at every workout the leadboard will look after itself. There has to be a leaderboard but that’s not the main focus. Enjoy the new experience, be proud of your effort and assess you weaknesses.

5) The Day Before
Rest. Some Mobility and maybe a light row, run or swim. Try to recover and come in on Friday mentally and physically fresh.

6) Don’t Change Anything
This very important, if you never eat sushi the night before a workout this isn’t time to try sushi. If you have never taken a pre workout or if you’re even changing brands do not taken one on the big day. If you got a new piece of clothing and have never worked out in it before then don’t wear it. I know it’s common sense. But you would be surprised how many people change routine or habits before overcoming a challenge. It’s just another day of going to the gym. Prepare the same as you normally would.

7) Sleep!
Ensure your getting at least eight hours sleep before you do the open workout. Get to bed before midnight. Don’t stay up to 1am and watch the open announcement if your doing the workouts on Friday. Watch them in the morning. If you want to learn more about how important sleep is click here

8) Clarify and Ask Questions
The last thing you want to do is half way during the work out thinking its 10 reps instead of 20 or not knowing you had to jump over the bar with both feet. Make sure you know your game plan before going in. Ask your coach. Ask questions and ensure everything is where it needs to be and you know exactly what the standards are in each rep.

9) Be the Judges Best Friend
Get the judge on your side from the start. Shake their hand and ask what standards they are looking for on each exercise. Just so you’re both clear when the judge ‘NO REPS’ you. Don’t have a fit and shout at them when they say NO REP, it happens. That is wasting energy and time you need in the workout. The judge normally says why it didn’t count. But if they don’t ask politely.

10) Have Fun!
At the end of the day it’s a workout. You won’t die. Yes it’s going to be hard. If it was easy I wouldn’t be writing these tips. But, it’s a very enjoyable process. There will be drinks in The Bath pub afterwards. One free drink every week for everyone who enters the comp! And we have some great food and drink sponsors lined up for each week also. After it’s done you will not regret signing up for it. You may regret not being apart of it.

May your lifts be heavy and your times fast,

Coach Conlan

It’s not too late if you haven’t signed up yet:


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