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So the close of the 2016 Crossfit Open is upon us. Over the past 4 weeks we have seen blood, sweat and tears (of joy). Some of us took our first deep dive into the pain cave and many surpassed the boundaries of what we thought we could do. For some members it was their first time competing under the Friday Night Lights and for others it was a test of their progression from the year gone by. Being sidelined with an injury has meant I have missed out on taking part this year but I thoroughly enjoyed judging and being a spectator over the past month. Seeing athletes from all levels compete together is what makes the CrossFit Open so special and you have all put on a great show. It has been a fantastic event so far and it’s not over yet.

So as all of you know 16.5 is a repeat of 14.5. If you are like me and were not around back then this may not mean a whole lot. The workout is as follows 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Thrusters and Burpees over the bar. Was there really a need for more burpees?


In order to go out with a bang and maximize your score on 16.5 I have put together a couple of tips that will hopefully help you get through this monster as fast as possible.

Tip 1: Have a game plan of how you are going to break up the Thrusters and try stick to it. Often times we get a little excited and think we are Rich Froning and go 100mph straight out of the blocks. For most of us this workout is not a sprint but more of a jog without much oxygen. If you know you can go unbroken then by all means go ahead but if not taking small planned breaks may keep us on the straight and narrow without crashing on the first turn.

Tip 2: Burpees are a movement where it is very tempting to just want to quit and fall asleep on the floor when you are belly down, but DO NOT do that. Its important that we keep on moving on this even if its a slow pace. KEEP MOVING.

Tip 3: It may be a good idea to step in and out of the burpees instead of jumping your feet to your hands each rep. This will help keep the heart rate down and hopefully minimize fatigue. Also turn slightly during the jump over the bar instead of a full 180 upon landing.

Tip 4: If you want to take a small rest on the Thrusters but are not ready to drop the bar take a rest while the bar is overhead. This will save you energy as well as making it easier to breathe.

Tip 5: You have put the work in all year, do your best and give 100%, don’t be too hard on yourself at the end of the day its only another workout.

Have fun and get ready for 16.6 – the After Party!

Coach Greg

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