12 WODs of Christmas

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It’s that time of year again!!

Perpetua will be doing the 12 WODs of Christmas from 7th-18th December.

What is it? Over these selected 12 days we will be holding a benchmark WOD every day instead of our regular programming.   There will be regular strength pieces programmed also and all WODs are scaleable for base level athletes.

The aim? Try and do all 12 😛

We know that festivities can get in the way, and many will drop off but maybe set it as this years Christmas Challenge? Who can make it to all 12!!!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend doing all 12 RX as you will ruin yourselves!! Scale it down some days, take a break. It’s a bit of fun.

Any questions please ask your Coach.

Merry Christmas from all the Team at Perpetua!

The Schedule

Monday 7th – Holley Man
Tuesday 8th – Hitman
Wednesday 9th – Jake the Snake
Thursday 10th – Jerry
Friday 11th – Karen
Saturday 12th – Hot Shots 19
Sunday 13th – Active Recovery/Rest Day
Monday 14th – Chelsea
Tuesday 15th – Garry’s DCT
Wednesday 16th – Hulk Hogan
Thursday 17th – Triple 3
Friday 18th – 12 WODs of Xmas (to Christmas Music)

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