16.2 – Friday Night Lights Recap & Leaderboard

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Two weeks into the CrossFit Open & Perpetua Friday Night Lights and we have had a shake up in the leaderboards! 16.2 – what a night and what a workout! 4 minute time windows, completing Toes To Bar (Hanging Knee Raises), Double Unders (Single Unders) and Squat Cleans. We saw a combination of skill and strength as the cleans increased in weight throughout the workout.

The toes to bar lit up the core, while the skipping raised the heart rate, before walking to a barbell to complete squat cleans, driving your legs, trying to brace at the bottom of that squat, and hoping to stand it up! As the workout progressed lungs were screaming, legs were like jelly and we dug deep for every extra rep.

In the men’s RX division Tom ‘I eat burgers’ Gleeson showed why he is a force to be reckoned with as he got to round 3 with an impressive tactical and gutsy performance. Tom climbs up to 2nd place after 2 workouts, as ‘Old Man’ Poncho shook off the flu to sit atop the leaderboard. Young Dan Dowling took the week to recover from 16.1 but he performed well on Friday night hitting 10cleans at 185lbs in 90seconds to see him take second in the workout.

In the men’s scaled Gerard Taafe worked through the squat cleans like they were kettlebell goblet squats. Aidan Baird showed he has strength to match that engine as he powered through the 185lbs on the last round to finish second and sit nicely in first on the overall leaderboard. William Brightling, fresh out of his Fundamentals showed his strength, and nice technique after his fundamentals, as he got to the last round of the cleans.

In the women’s RX Jess powered into the third round of the workout, in a workout that was very difficult with high volume toes to bar! Jayne showed that pacing in singles can prove to help as she reached round 2! In the women’s scaled it is getting crowded at the top, with three sitting together at the top of the leaderboard. Lynn & Katie moved their way to the top of the leaderboard where they join newcomer Amber in her first open. Performance of the night in this division has to go to Emma Gray who was the only one to reach the last round. Emma didn’t just reach the last round though, she smashed through it and finished the workout!!

While this summary might touch upon names near the top of the leaderboard it doesn’t do justice for the performances from last Friday. I saw members not only hit clean PBs in the workout but actually hit front squat PBs within those cleans.

I can’t wait to see what Friday will bring. Whatever Castro may announce in the Open I don’t mind because the atmosphere at Perpetua Friday Nights Lights, is and will be, electric!!

See you all on Friday,

Keep up the awesome performances,


ps If anyone needs help with a spot of gardening Big Eugene and his gardening gloves can give you a helping hand


Check out the leaderboard here:

Pics from both 16.1 and 16.2 can be found on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/crossfitdublin/
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