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Team workouts are a great way to engage in a little friendly competition. And just like with our standard CF workouts, they offer plenty of variety. They run the gamut in terms of how many athletes per team, the length of workout, the exercises used, etc.
Tomorrow’s workout places a strong emphasis on near-peak power output. In other words, this is a fairly high-load, short-duration .
Tomorrow’s Team Workout:
5 Rounds for Time:
3 deadlift
6 thrusters
9 burpees
The workout will be done in relay fashion, using two-person teams. So teammate 1 starts off, goes through all 3 deadlifts, all 6 thrusters, and all 9 burpees. The moment teammate 1 finishes the ninth burpee, teammate 2 then jumps in and goes through the same sequence (thus allowing teammate 1 to recover a bit, resting until teammate 2 is done with his round). After teammate 2 finishes his ninth burpee, it’s back to teammate 1. This sequence continues until both teammates have finished 5 rounds each.

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