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Glassman describes the community aspect of CrossFit as the ‘fun’ side of fitness. To be honest, he’s undersold it there. It certainly is the fun side of fitness but it’s an absolute boat-load more.

It’s the atmosphere in which we spend one of the most important hours of our day. It’s the sense of accountability to our friends that helps us avoid the snooze button at 5.30am and keeps us keeping on.

It’s the community that fosters a sense of ‘team’ through tough workouts, and produces cheers and screams of support during big lifts or 500m Max effort rows.

But here’s my message…

These aforementioned ‘fruits of the community’ which I’ve decided to coin them as, do not fall off the tree, and into your mouth.

“But James…what the f*ck are you talking about?”

Fair question…What I mean is…

You don’t get all the good stuff I’ve mentioned just given to you. You have to take it. The very best communities are built when each person is given the opportunity to contribute, create and shape it. That is exactly what we’ve built here at Perpetua. A place where every member is given the chance to be directly involved in how we live whilst at the gym. I’ve said this many times but it’s always good to remind us. Put yourself out there. Be active and take the opportunity. Make your mark.

There is much literature on the role that familiarity plays in a sense of community. In London it’s often difficult to attain a sense of community for that very reason, familiarity is tricky. The city is so transient. There always a different restaurant to go to. Something new to explore. A new place to drink. It’s one of the reasons I like to go to the same place for coffee each time. Say hi to the same guy behind the counter. Build my own sense of community in this vast city.

I share this because I feel it has relevance here. By making your mark I’m not necessarily talking about grand gestures, big new ideas or revelations. It can be deciding to shake the hand of any new face you see. Or deciding to leave any office bullshit at the door each every time you walk in. It can be building in a sense of familiarity. A running joke with one of the coaches. Celebrating every PB the same way. A post workout routine. Whatever it might be. Recognise the role you’re playing in helping us shape the community, and keep bringing it.

Don’t take it for granted.

Much love,

Coach Ozzie

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