Crossfit WOD -OHead squat + Run

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There has been two extra class times added to the CFD centrel location .They are 7.30 pm on a Monday and Thursday.

CFD look good feel good challenge

The inaugural CFD lookgoodfeelgood challenge  will be starting monday the 23rd and will run for 30 days and end on Tuesday 14th of Feb.The last day for entry will be this Wednesday the 18th.We have already a good crew ready to challenge and willingness to educate themselves around the foods they intake and what lies ahead if they dont change their food profile.

If you missed last weeks details in what you receive  when you sign up for the challenge here they are again.

You will receive

A Nutrition Guide and meal plan – 20

Pure pharma Fish oils and vit d 30 days supplies -58

Personal body comp measures x 2 – start and finish – 60

1 week of fruit,nuts,berries and veg from fruitfellas – 25

T-shirt paleo style – 25

personalized advice  – 100

total value of Challenge – €288

Available to CFD members for – €160

Mail to register your name to take the challenge

Non – Members who sign up by Friday – €200.

If you are not going to take the challenge with CFD but you want  to do it your self ,every one will get the opportunity to compete in the on the first day of competition all participants will complete a specially designed benchmark workout.  Participants will be ranked based on their performance.On the last day of competition all participants will repeat the initial benchmark workout.  Participants will be ranked solely on how much they improve their performance (time or points) over the course of 30 days.Also if you would like to have your body fat %taking at the start end of the challenge , it will be advailble to you on Saturday morning by booking in.The cost will €45.

We hope to get a good crew for the first of our bi annually challenge.If not this time hopefully you will here great things form the folks that jumped in this time and will be ready to take it on next time.


Workout of the day:
Over head squat 1 rep max – 15 mins


5 Overhead squat x 5 @41×1 – working tech for beginners
rest 2.30 b/t sets


3min shuttle run x 3 rest 6mins
– Cones to be 12m apart

Heart Attacks Uncommon During Marathons
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