Crossfit Dublin Workouts for the week


Our boys head half way around the world and still have the time to find there way to a Crossfit in Hong Kong .

How much thought do you put into the WOD? Do you strategize your plan of attack or just wing it last minute? Lets explore a few tricks that will help improve your times, scores and ultimately your fitness…

Time 1 round – If a workout includes 5 rounds, glance at the clock to see how long the first round took. Multiply by 5 and thats the time to shoot for. Naturally you may slow down a bit but it provides a gauge of how hard to push later in the workout.

Sets within sets – for instance if a workout includes 3 rounds of 15 deadlifts think about how you want to approach each set. Able to hammer out 15 in a row? Break it up to 10-5? 3 sets of 5 reps? 8 and 7? This takes experience and sometimes the plan goes awry but having a plan pays off more often than not.

Breathing – Take deep slow breaths between your exercises so slow you heart rate down and focus you mind.

Strengths & weaknesses – Focus on every single rep, not your time when dealing with a weakness. Make up the time on your strength.

Write down results – Cant stress this enough. Having detailed comments regarding each workout will allow you to maximize the game plan for similar workouts in the future as well as compare to the past.We need to get a 100% compliance for the gym on this , it will only help you get to your ideal shape and fulfill a dream.

These are just a few tricks that can be used to become better athletes. We know you have the braun…what about the brain??



Four sets of:
A1 Front Squat 4- 5 reps @ 21X1
Rest 90 seconds
A2 Supinated Pull-Ups x Max Reps
Rest 90 seconds


For time:
Row 30 Calories
30 Toes to Bar
30 Front rack Walking lunge 50/35
30 Burpees


Customs goals


5 rounds for time:
9 deadlift 60/40
12 ctb pull ups
15 Box jumps
Run 400m

Level 1 – 50/30 ,Pull ups
Level 2 – 40/25, Jumping pull ups ,run 300m


4 sets of:
Push Press
3-4 @21X1
Rest 90 secs
Glute bridge 20 reps @21X1
Rest 90secs


5 Rounds
20 Kettlebell Swings 24/16
20 Wallballs 10/6

Level 1 – 16/12 , 8/4
ADV “unbroken”



Five sets of:
Snatch x 1.1.1
(rest 10 seconds between singles)
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets


In teams of two, partners alternate to complete 5 rounds each of:
10 Power Cleans 60/40
10 Ring Dips

Level 1 50/30
Level 2 40/25,Hand release pus ups
ADV – 5 Muscle ups


4 Sets of:
Overhead Squat 2-3 @31X2
Rest 2-3 mins


3 Rounds
10 Overhead Squats 60/40
50 Double Unders

Level 1 – 50/30
Level 2 – 35/20


Custom Goals
In teams of three, with only one person working at a time, complete the following as quickly as possible:
Row 3600m
150 Pull-Ups
150 Push-Ups
150 Sit ups
Medball relay 1800m 10/6

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