"Fear of getting bulky" & Workouts for the week


Fear of getting bulky…Slim chance!

Whenever anyone asks me about Crossfit and I mention the word weights or strength training I get the funny concerned look, closely followed by ‘are you not worried about getting bulky?’ This same question has been asked by a number of our female clients in the gym, so I thought I would try and put the myth to rest once and for all, or at the least help you understand how this is not going to happen to the average female any time soon.

If you fear getting bulky or turning into a mini-Schwarzenegger by participating in a regular strength training programme like crossfit, fear not!! When you think of weight lifters you are probably thinking of those small minority of men & woman who are tanned up to within an inch of their life, parading on stage in skimpy swimsuits with bulging muscles and veins?! These are not your average weight lifters and the reason they look like this is from dedicating their lives to it, spending 4-5 hours a day in the gym & in some cases by using performance based enhancers.  For the average woman this is not close to their daily routine or lifestyle!

Thanks to genetics, us woman don’t produce enough testosterone as our male counterparts and testosterone is the main hormone responsible for causing muscle hypertrophy (larger muscles).  Testosterone is an anabolic hormone which means it causes muscle gain whilst oestrogen, the hormone that is found in larger levels in women is catabolic and causes the breakdown of muscle tissue.

To put it simply when you lift weights your body builds muscle which in turn will decrease your body fat percentage improving your overall body composition. It also means you will burn more calories, even while watching TV, as muscle tissue is metabolically active and burning fat throughout the day.  In fact a study in the Journal of Strength &  conditioning research found that woman who do an hour long weight training workout can burn an average of 100 more calories in the 24hours afterward compared to if they hadn’t lifted weights…Still not convinced! Here are a couple of other benefits which might change your mind.

Studies have also shown that weight training programmes can increase your strength, reduce the risk of heart disease, improve overall posture, decrease your risk of osteoporosis, and reduce the risk of injury, back pains and arthritis.

So now it’s time to lift those weights and put those scales away. Yes put the scales away as they are not a true indicator of where you are at.  If you are one of those woman who judges your progress through what you weigh on the scales you may be disappointed as its true muscle does weigh more than fat, but it is more compact than fat and takes up less space, whereas fat is jiggly and soft. So while the number on the scale may not drop significantly, you will probably find that you are not dancing around your bedroom with your favourite pair of jeans, fighting to get the zip up!  You may not get lighter initially but you will get leaner & tighter.

I believe strength training should be a must in any female’s fitness routine who wishes to alter her body composition for the better.  If the goal is to achieve a leaner, toned physique, some type of resistance training is a MUST.



Five sets of:
1 Bear Complex
Rest 2-3mins
Increase the weight each round

15 minute AMRAP
5 bear complexes 45/30
30 double unders

Level 1 (65,35)-50 reps of each


Four sets :
Split Jerk 2-3 reps

Rest 3mins

5 Rounds
15 Pull-ups
20 Wallballs  10,6kg

Level 2- 4 Rounds
Level 1- 4 Rounds- 10 pull-ups; 10 wall balls

Advanced wod

Warm Up -15 min
3 rounds of:
5 jump and lands without a barbell
10 split jerks – working on jumping from the hips, moving the feet fast, getting under the barbell and landing in a nice stable position
10 2 for 1 wallballs – click here
15 kipping swings
10 minutes of overhead mobility

Strength – 20 minutes
Split Jerk

5 rounds for time of :
5 Jerks
15 CTB pull ups

75/50kg – Open
85kg men – Regionals

Most sets of the jerks, if not all, should be push jerks and should be unbroken here. Choose your weight wisely.

GHD Situps
Feet on a box HR PushUps (24/20)


Deadlift x 15 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Ring push-ups x Max reps
Rest 3 minutes

Deadlift x 10 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Ring push-ups x Max reps
Rest 3 minutes

Deadlift x 5 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Ring push-ups x Max reps

% For your deadlift should be taking from you 1rm – ie 15reps = 50% of 1rm

Row 2000m


Fours sets of :
Strick press 3-4 @20×1
Rest 90 secs
60sec side plank – alt each round
Rest 90

Four rounds each of:
With a partner, one person completes an entire round with the other rests:
Calories on the 20/15
15 Box jumps –  stand up on the box jumps
40 Double Unders

Advanced wod

Warm up – Gymnastics

Rounds not for time:
Pistols (each leg)

Strength – Weightlifting

30 Squat Snatches for time 55/35kg

WOD – Conditioning

Five rounds each of:
With a partner, one person completes an entire round with the other rests:
Calories on the 20/15
15 Box jumps –  stand up on the box jumps
40 Double Unders


Custom goals


“Unknown CFD Bench mark”


Partner WOD
100 Overhead squats 45/30kg
100 Box Jumps 24/ 20”
100 Power Cleans 45/30kg
100 Burpees
Complete 20 swings after the completion of each movement  32/24kg
You may partition the weights between the partners however you would like.

Level 2 – 35/20kg
Level 1 30/15kg -50 reps of each

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