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So we have started the move from Mind Body to Zen Planner, we are leaving the the stone age, moving from the atari to the mac!!  Zen planner is going to make it much easier for you and us to monitor classes and attendance and a whole lot more. The first step was to upload and create profiles for all the members and set up our online calender. Hopefully you received an email with your username and password.
Click on the Schedule link at the top of the page. This will take you to the embedded Zen Planner calender.
Click on a class you would like to attend. This will bring up a log in screen. Next to the button saying Register For Class there is a link to Log In to your existing profile. Click this link.
On the next screen enter the Log In details you received via email. This will reload the Calender.
Now when you click on the classes it gives you the option to reserve a spot. Click the reserve spot and you’re done!
If you wish to cancel your reservation, simply click again on the class and click cancel reservation.
You can also click your name in the top right of the calender after you have logged in. This will load a profile section that shows your reserved classes and your membership information. Please update any information we might have missed or have incorrect!
Any issues please email


Custom Goals


Five sets of:
Row 500 Meters
25 Wall Ball Shots
Rest 3 minutes


Four sets of:
Front Squat 4-6 reps @ 20X1
Rest 90 seconds

Strict Pull-Ups x Max Reps
Rest 90 seconds

4 Rounds
15 Power Cleans 40/30 kg
10 Pull ups
20 Lunge (10 each leg)

Level 1 – 30/20 kg


Warm Up
10 clap push ups
20 pistols (10 each leg)
50 calories on the rower
20 pistols (10 each leg)
10 clap push ups

big powerful pulls = lots of calories in a little amount of time/distance
Small unpowerful pulls = a small amount of calories in a long time/distance.

Strength – 20 mins
5 sets of:
Power Clean/Front Squat/Split Jerk

Start at 50% of you Split jerk and work up from there.

5 Rounds
15 Power Cleans
10 CTB Pull ups
5 Pistols (each leg)
Games – don’t scale up, move faster


Custom Goals


For time:
Complete Three rounds of:
10 Shoulder to Overhead 60/35 kg
20 Box Jumps 24″/18″
30 Kettlebell Swings 24/16 kg
and then immediately complete a 800 Meter Run

Level 2 – 50/25 kg
Level 1 – 40/20 kg


3 sets of:
Overhead Squat 2-3 @ 31X1

Seven rounds for time of:
7 Overhead Squats 45/30 kg
7 Burpees
(WOD courtesy of the studs at CrossFit NorCal.)

Level 2 – 35/20 kg
Level 1 – 25/15 kg


Warm Up
3 rounds of
5 muscle snatches
5 hang power snatches – catch in a ¾ squat position
5 overhead squats
5 snatch balances – focus on pulling yourself under the bar
5 squat snatches from mid shin
5 skin the cats/ ball ups

Strength – 20 minutes
1 Power Snatch
1 Squat Snatch

7 rounds for time of:
7 Overhead Squats 60/40 kg
7 Burpees
(WOD courtesy of the studs at CrossFit NorCal.)

For Time
Row 500m
100 double unders


100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Air Squats

Level 2- 75 reps of each
Level 1- 50 reps of each

* If you are new to pull ups please consult with your coaches on scaling for the workout to avoid t-rex arms for a week and potentially RHABDO!*

Six sets of:
Hang Power Snatch/Full Squat
Rest 2 minutes

Five rounds for time of:
10 Hang Power Snatch 45/30 kg
30 Double-Unders

Level 2 – 35/20 kg
Level 1 – 30/15 kg

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