Al, OPT-James Fitzgerald and Maddogg

Hi all,

Just recovering from a mind blowing course with OPT in Sweden. For those of you who don’t know who OPT is – see here OPT – the inaugural crossfit games champion. Whom we had the pleasure of hosting in-house in 2012 – see here

Myself and Ian spent 4 days learning from a Master craftsman about so much, it would be impossible to get into it all here in this short note… so I will just impart a few nuggets.

Nugget number 1. As a client you MUST record your stuff!!

If you don’t, you will never get the correct “dose response” from your work in CFD. Think about it….. If the programming is prescribing work for you that is “aerobic” in nature (like some of our met cons are) and you don’t even now what your maxes are, then it becomes very hard for the rest of the coaches to help you achieve what is prescribed!!

If you don’t know know what your doing week to week, then you will find it hard to advance!! (This sounds like a broken record from me – previous posts on performance)

But If I learned anything from OPT this weekend, its to be consistent, as 90% of the results come from doing the basics right…. more on this topic of “consistency” in my next post!!

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