Point number 2 from OPT – “be consistent, observe standards”
Consistency in standards of movement allows for measurable results, and failure is achieved at the point where movements break down.
This means that if you wish to advance in strength training, you must first train consistently. For instance, if you test your 3 RM back squat today at tempo 20×0 (i.e. no rest between reps) and achieve 100kg, and then retest in 1 month, – and hit 110kg for 3 reps, but increase your rest to 10 seconds between squats – can you realistically say your stronger?? the answer is probably not. (you just hit 3 x 1rm’s most likely). Hence its hard to ever fully measure your advancement unless your consistent…
So that means folks – depth is always depth, & range of movement (ROM) is always range of movement and tempo is always the tempo prescribed on the white board for that day – observe these parameters in your training for truly measurable and comparable results.
And please remember that Failure occurs at the point of mechanical breakdown (e.g. knees rolling in, back rounding out, chin no longer making it over vertical plane etc) not at the point where you can no longer move the weight. Everyone can observe ROM in the “Open” so please do it day to day.
Be consistent in your approach to training, and the results will come. Listen to your coaches, and observe standards of movement.
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