Benchmark WODS – Every Saturday at CFD Blackrock

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Dear CFD Members and crossfitters from around Ireland;

We are introducing a new class to the Saturday schedule dedicated to the “CrossFit Girls” and “Heroes.”  It will give you the opportunity to take down the classic crossfit benchmark WODS that have been designed since the creation of crossfit in ’95. This will allow you to test your fitness after the training you have been doing in class and to see how you have progressed.
We will be doing WODs like:

·      Fran
·      Helen
·      Karen
·      Elizabeth
·      Christine
·      Angie
·      Cindy etc etc

Every Saturday at …… we will put on a classic WOD plus some time trials in for you to try and make your marks on the leaderboards. The whole hour will be dedicated to a solid warm and stretch relative to the work coming. You will be counted down in “3,2,1, GO!” and the coach or your fellow athletes will judge your reps to legitimize your time scored for that WOD and have it cleared as met the standards from your peers.
There will be scaled options for level 1 athletes, but there will need to a good level of skill and fitness shown from you to try scaled.

This is going to be a special hour of high octane energy, big hearts and a desire to push those personal barriers.

Out side cross fitters that want to experience the legendary buzz that is Crossfit Dublin, are welcome to come for a drop in rate.

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