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Hey Cfd’ers….

Are you hitting a low in your training or diet?  Here are some common mistakes you might be making and some tips to get you back on track, if you feel you are sliding…

Sporadic training

Are you only training once a week and then leaving a few days in between your next session? Try and get a more consistent with your workout days where possible, maybe 2 on 1 of, depending on your schedule obviously. Muscles are metabolically active and so they respond really well to strength training, as they must adapt to the demands you are putting them through.

Lack of Sleep

Sleeping is key to success, our growth happens when we sleep, so 6 or more hours is essential. Lack of sleep can disrupt your appetite and lead to increased levels of the hormone ghrelin, (hunger stimulating hormone) while suppressing leptin (hormone which tells you when you are full). The amount you sleep has a direct effect on your energy levels and how you train. Aim to get as much as possible. I have found the pro-pharma magnesium supplements to be a great help with my sleeping patterns and when I have really bad week, Good Night Magnesium Spray, (thanks Roisin!) works a treat. Spray it on wrists, feet etc. 20mins before bed.

The weekend blowout

I often fall into this trap and let my inner fatty loose! You exercise all week and eat well but then it comes Friday evening and you begin inhaling the junk food and wine/beer. We all need to have indulges and treats, but try to avoid going into the mindless mode or because you have had one treat, feel you might as well continue that way for the rest of the weekend. A cheat meal/treat should not mean a complete blowout, where you are left bloated and drained come Monday morning. Plan them, enjoy them and avoid the over doing it.

Restaurants Meals

It can be difficult to stay healthy when out for dinner with bread baskets left on the table and side orders of chips jumping of the menu! When ordering try and ask for sauces or dressing on the side, order vegetables or salads instead of the chips or mash, the less temptation on your plate the less you will eat.  However that said, don’t be too hard on yourself and enjoy the meal out, just don’t decide that the following day will follow with junk because you feel ‘well I have done it now anyway ‘

Emotional eating

Most of us turn to food for all sorts of emotions- happy, sad, stressed, or as a reward. If you think you might be an emotional eater, try and look at turning to non- food things like a buy a new t-shirt, a book etc. Emotional eating can cause the vicious cycle of feeling like crap e.g. you feel bad, eat more, feel worse, eat a little more and so on. Try and recognise you’re eating patterns and if you can spot where you might be falling into this trap… it’s probably the day after the night on the town or a bad day in work!

Recharge your drive

If you have lost your focus, why not write down the reasons you train in the first place and what you want to get out of your training, for example become leaner, increase strength, deadlift your mates at a party! Whatever the reason is, jot it down you will be surprised how this simple little tip will help get you back on track

Rest Rest Rest!

It is so important to take your rest days, listen to your body. The only time our muscles repair and grow is when we rest. If your muscles are not well rested, they will become overworked and you will become weaker as a result. This is an area I often struggle with, on my rest days I generally feel crappy or feel like I have put on pounds, ridiculous I know! So instead of doing absolutely nothing on those days I try get a walk in- even (if it’s around the shops in Dundrum!) or do a light run.

Don’t beat yourself up!

Like the point above, its one I’m working on! Everyday doesn’t have to be your heaviest lift or your fastest WOD, sometimes you just need to train to release some stress, socialise & have a laugh with fellow crossfitters, this is all part of healthier lifestyle. Enjoy it and you can go hard on the other days.


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