A few words from Michael Burke who has moved across the pond


So when I joined CFD a year ago I thought I knew what I was getting myself in to. What I didn’t expect to happen was that I would reshape my view of health and fitness as well as getting a great workout, and getting to meet some great, likeminded people who make up the CFD community. I learned more about how my body works and what it is capable of doing. I learned about mistakes that I had been making in the globogyms for years, and how much stronger and better I could get by making small changes as directed by the coaches. I also learned a lot about myself and how far I can push myself to compete and even when my muscles ache and I really want to stop and take a break, that I always have more in the tank, especially when I’m trying to get an extra rep or a faster time than the guy or girl beside me.

But most of all I had fun getting in great shape!! I pushed myself harder than I had ever done before and left every day smiling, looking forward to the next day’s workout, wanting to improve so that the next time I had to do Kipping pullups or thrusters or snatches that I would do it better and stronger and faster than I did before.

Its fair to say that I am a fully fledged Crossfit fan for life, and will continue to tell anyone who will listen about how they should try crossfit and how they will never regret it.

And a huge thanks to all the CFD coaches who helped me improve along the way, you guys are fantastic and have made me, and many others in the community fitter, healthier and happier people. Keep up the great work


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