A few Words from one of our youngest members at CFD

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Eoin O Meara Age 13 (Watch out Doug!!)

How did you get involved in CrossFit?

I got involved in crossfit around september of 2012. My brother was the first to join in my family he was 16 and he went and loved it. My brother was hooked on crossfit and then he convinced my dad to do it, my mum has also joined us down at CFD too.

When did you start coming to CrossFit Dublin?

For about 2 months thats all they talked about together so i wanted to join in because i heard so much about it. My next door neighbours Shane & Anna also do crossfit kids and so i went along one day with them and i really enjoyed it.

First WOD?

I think we did an AMRAP of something like rowing, shuttle runs and burpees. I was hooked from the start.

Why you love Crossfit?

After a few weeks I found it was helping my rugby in school which was a very attractive part of it. After about a month of doing crossfit I could do my first pull up which was my first goal. I was usually going to crossfit every saturday before rugby training or matches. I was loving it so much that I started to go on thursdays as well. After Christmas I actually disappointed if I missed a class. I got a few guys in school to come to  crossfit and started a crossfit teens class once a week on a thursday. I was addicted to crossfit by then. Crossfit has helped me in many aspects of my life, it helped me achieve goals outside of crossfit like getting promoted in rugby.

What are your goals from CrossFit?

I now have a short term goal to get a rope climb but my long term goal is to become fitter, stronger and faster to help me advance in rugby.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment in crossfit was getting a 30″ box jump which in turn passed out my dad for height.

What is your favorite WOD/Movement(s)?

My favourite movement in crossfit is push press but I enjoy box jumps.

Least Favorite?

I have to say my least favourite would have to be burpees and mom said a hilarious thing that has stuck in my mind “they should really be called sickees” I just thought that was a great name for them.

I love learning new movements in crossfit and completing new ones i couldnt do before like strict push ups. which were weird at first because of the arm movement. Ive really enjoyed my crossfit journey and I can wait to join main crossfit, overcome new challenges and get comfortable with the uncomfortable!

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