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Today’s blog has been inspired by many hours of training and striving to be a better athlete. As many of you may have been told before, mobility and core strength play a MASSIVE role in being able to perform the movements we use in CrossFit. Having both of these is something I believe to be two of the most important things to have for CrossFit. My blog comes after hours of trying to figure out successful ways of being able to regularly work on these things.

Let’s be honest, nobody likes working tirelessly stretching and holding hollow holds. Being a coach makes me no different although the importance of having both really is something I swear by. My aim today is provide you all with a slightly different approach on these which will hopefully free up an hour a week in order to get this work in. For those of you know me well, will know that I am very realistic in my approach as a coach and it’s that very reason why I like to implement these methods.

As we all know doing this work outside of the gym can be near impossible to maintain and doing it later or tomorrow is always the preferred option. With this being the case, what I have done with many of my clients is set the prescribed “extra work” during the spare time we have in and around our classes. By doing this we have a more realistic and achievable approach towards reaching our goals. This approach is nothing spectacular but getting yourself into the habit of doing it will definitely get you closer to having better core strength and mobility.

This approach can be applied to any skill or extra work you may have and looks a little bit like the following. Below is an example of what the strength piece in a class may look like on a daily basis,

5 sets of- Back Squat x 5- Rest 2 mins between sets.

What we have here, just in the strength piece, is 8mins of potential mobility time, skill practice or core development. This applies, not just in the strength piece, but little nuggets of time like this are all over the place. Now we all like a good chat and catch up, but who says that your training partner wouldn’t benefit from this too. As a realistic coach I prescribe only 3 days of this a week at the start, which can equate upwards of 30mins a week. This may not sound significant but it’s a hell of a lot more than the current Zero mins of extra work most of us do.

When using this approach, it’s important to take into account the muscle groups that the programming is working on, although for most of us, we have numerous areas that require work. What this will mean is a consult with the coach or your coach on which groups work best together. It’s also important to remember that at Perpetua we offer Mobility classes during the week too. Couple these two things together and you are well on your way to achieving health and fitness.

On a last note, this, for me, has been the most successful way for my clients. The idea of working mobility away from the gym is a great one but without simplifying it or making the process less tiresome, all you will be doing is heading down a dead end. It’s simple MOVE WELL, STAY UNINJURED and achieve your fitness goals.

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