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Hey Perpetua Nation!

This is a short overview of Base + Peak and the current focus of the training program.

To get people fit, strong, lean and healthy. To build the foundation for tackling the Peak programming if that’s the goal. I feel that if you have not been following a solid program for 3-5 years, this is where you should spend your time. The goal is to build appropriate motor control, movement patters, tendon strength, aerobic base, muscle endurance, strength among other things. This is where a person not interested in CrossFit as a sport could happily progress and see some long term gains. If you are interested in competing in CrossFit, you definitely need to spend some time here. Too many people get caught in the fact that they think they have to be learning the advanced movements and constantly performing them heavier, harder faster, leading to plateaus and injury. You need to build muscle endurance, stability, positioning and consistency in your movement. Get strong and movement is a lot easier to learn. You’ll be less likely to plateau and get injured if you put in the hard yards here.

This is for the person interested in pushing their physical capabilities or looking to compete in the sport of fitness. This is where you will put your hard work in Base in to practise. At this point, you should have no real movement limitations. Movements like Handstand Walks and Muscle Ups are what you are working on.

There will come a time where you find yourself in limbo, asking how to transition across. When you come to that point you need to have a discussion with your coach and they can speak with you about your readiness and what you need to do. It could be PT to learn movements, or it could be knowing that it’s time to start doing the Olympic Lifts in class. Each person is different.

Remember, a CrossFit program is General Physical Preparedness. We use CrossFit to prepare you for anything which is different to doing anything and calling it CrossFit.

Current Programming
Base: Focusing on GPP. You will continue to work on getting stronger, getting fitter, getting leaner, getting healthier. Learning and growing. Overhead position and stability will be a focus.

Peak: Preparing for the Open! We need to get efficient at self-loaded exercises and moving moderate loads for high repetitions. We will be looking to maintain as much strength as possible in this phase but mainly looking at getting as prepared as possible for the Open. If you feel you are not strong enough and that we should be doing more strength in class, then my advice is to follow Base and train for next year. The Open has very little to do with absolute strength.

If you have any questions or concerns about the programming please feel free to contact me andy@crossfitperpetua.com and CC your coach in the conversation.

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