An Email to Our Members for 2014

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Hi All

We have seen a great year at CFSL – the energy and tight community at the gym is incredible and something to be recognised. This is down to two things, both equally important: the quality of the teaching during class provided by our excellent coaches and the effort and commitment shown every day by all of our excellent members. It is this energy from both coaches and members that really makes CFSL what it is. Let’s keep this going in 2014 and remember to continue reaching out that hand to newbies or a face you do not know and say ‘Hello, welcome’!

CFSL is a co-op of professional trainers, working to the highest possible standard using MadLab systems ( So far, four full time coaches have completed or are currently undergoing the CFSL apprenticeship program led by our Head Coach, Michael, and will be up to a Senior Coach role by March 2014.

A few more developments we want to tell you about:

Olympic Weightlifting
The London Olympic Weightlifting Academy (LOWA) run by Mike Causer will be in full force from Jan 06th and will be taking on people who want to improve their Oly Lifting. This is a separate entity from CFSL so if you want to join up, you must go through the LOWA channel and join their membership. If you are serious about moving big numbers in your Oly lifts, joining LOWA is your best bet. Expect to hear from Mike in the new year with the benefits of his program and the packages that he will offer to CFSL members. We will also be hosting special events with LOWA in order to help both lifters and CFers to achieve their best, so look out for emails on this soon.

Nutrition Seminar
On Jan 18th we will be hosting a Nutrition Seminar led by CFSL member, Ben Lauder Dykes. More details will follow soon, but in a nutshell, this seminar offers a chance for any one, at any level and with any goal, to get a deep understanding of the best way to use nutrition to meet their goals. Ben knows his stuff and wants to share the knowledge he’s gained with you. Nutrition is the foundation of heath and fitness, so this is your chance to empower yourself in the New Year!

Extra Classes and Specialty Classes
We will be offering extra classes from February, including an 8pm class Monday through Thursday, an extra class on Saturdays and an active recovery and mobility class on Sundays. Sunday’s class will be divided into two sections – the first half will be an active recovery WOD and the second half will be focused on mobility, programmed to help you recover from the past week’s programming and to prepare you for the next week’s WODs. Taking time for mobility and active recovery is crucial to success in your training, so be sure to check this class out. We look forward to seeing more of you guys!

Advanced / Competition Group Sessions
We are excited to hear that many of our athletes are looking to compete in the sport of fitness. We are keen to help make this happen, so we will be offering high performance group sessions, which will meet on a weekly basis. People interested need to show a high level of commitment to the group, meet certain prerequisites and benchmarks, and must be willing to compete at CrossFit competitions. This will start in January in the run-up to the Open and will be led by Michael. Michael will be sending an email soon with more details.

Special Offer – 40 min Personal Training Sessions
For all of our current members, Senior Coaches will be available for a 40 min PT session at a discounted rate of £40. We have already seen great improvements from people using these sessions to help them hone the finer details that seemed to be road blocks to mastering the movement. This is your chance to work on those skills that need that little extra bit of help. Get booking in!

The CFSL Wall of Honor
We are creating a Wall of Honor, which will celebrate the great things our members have achieved. Be prepared to see more camera work going on in the gym and be on the look out for your picture on our Wall of Honor!

A Few Admin and Housekeeping Updates
As of 1 January 2014, we will charge an administration fee of £75 per month to freeze a membership (if the membership is put on hold due to serious injury, the administration fee will be waived). Also, a reminder that we will be charging a £15 fee for any member that reserves a place in a class and doesn’t attend. To avoid the fee, if you can’t make it to a class that you have reserved a spot for, please be sure to cancel your booking at least an hour before the class begins so one of our other members has the chance to join.

Head Coach
Michael is now considered to be an expert in the field of CrossFit with over 3000 hours of coaching and writing programs that have led athletes – both individual and teams – to CrossFit Regionals and helped his clients in the pursuit of optimal health and excellence in movement with proven results. He is the senior coach at CFSL and CrossFit Dublin and will be expanding his own Personal Programming business for clients that have specific needs or goals they are trying to achieve. His hourly rate for custom programming will be available on request.

Finally we want to say thank you for helping us, the Owners and Coaches, to get closer to our goals. We believe what we are putting out there to be the best product and service in London’s CrossFit community.

We offer:

· The best equipped CrossFit gym in London
· Professional coaching – we are accountable if do not deliver a professional service
· Highest standards – we look at what a member sees & fix any issues asap so as to maintain those standards
· Programming that is performance-focused, result-driven and proven to be successful
· A relentless drive to be better than the year before
· The never-ending pursuit of excellence in human movement

Here’s to breaking through barriers and building new friendships and a community that lasts forever. You will be training for life at CFSL.

Hope you had a great Christmas, enjoy the New Year celebrations and are looking forward to achieving what you once thought was impossible in 2014!

Philly, Michael, Rusty, Sal, Gemma, James and Maria.

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