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For those who dont know, Anne Doyle one of our longest members here at CFD has had a pretty successful year in terms of setting goals and achieving them. I remember asking Anne what are your goals this year.One was competing in Wales, my response “Love that goal Anne, make it happen!!” and thats exactly what she did.




When I joined Crossfit  over 3 years ago competition was the furthest thing from my mind and my only aim was to continue on my road to health and fitness.  On this journey I have discovered many things about myself.  I have always been quietly determined, much  like a dog with a bone,  cannot bear not to finish what I start, and yes this has variously been described as both stubborn and being a perfectionist.  What has also revealed itself is a tendancy to fiercely compete with myself.  So when I set the 2 goals of (a) competing the 5  Crossfit Open wods and (b) competing in the Masters Raising the Bar Competition I just couldn’t not do them!  I had tried the Open before but by week 3 there was always a skill or a weight that eluded me – those pesky double unders or that elusive 30kg snatch.  So this year falling into the over 55 age group meant that I had a better chance of being able to attempt all 5 weeks and  no one was more surprised than me to finish 8th in Europe.  Goal (a) – check.

So off I went to Cardiff to compete with 150 other European master atheletes .  It was hosted by Dragon Crossfit and was very enjoyable with a great sense of community and camaraderie.  The competition was held over 2 days and consisted of 4 wods.  First up was a Barbell Complex.  We had 4 mins to build up to your heaviest complex of deadlift, hang squat clean, front squat to overhead.  We then had 90 seconds to load the bar for deadlift and a further 90 seconds for max reps.  At the end of this wod I was in 3rd place.

Wod 2 was 6 sprints, 20 ground to overhead, 2 widths of walking lunges, 2 widths of bear crawl, 20 ground to overhead, 2 widths walking lunges, 6 sprints. I could barely breathe at the finish but  I claimed 1st place.

Day 2 opened with the classic Fran! We had a 10 minute time cap but I had a big advantage here in that I was the only over 55 who could kip and so I finished 1st.

The final wod was a chipper.  400m row, 30 over box jumps, 20 cleans, 15 shoulder to overhead, 10 overhead squats and 5 toes to bar.  This one was very close all the way until the ttb when I just managed to edge in front.

It was a nice feeling standing on the podium in 1st place and doing the competition has very clearly highlighted my weaknesses.  I need a major increase in all my lifts, deadlift, front squat and in particular the clean , c&j and snatch, while my pull ups and toes to bar need to be much  more fluid.  I need to become stronger, more powerful and technically better.  What were my strengths? Well I seemed to be able to find my “zone” where I block everyone else out and just compete with myself.

There were some very impressive athletes in the age divisions below me who will be snapping on my heels in the next year.  These masters were completing Fran in sub 3 mins for the men and the women  were posting times of well under 4 mins. While I am not aware of many master competitions, even though the numbers training are increasing all the time, I would encourage everyone to give it a go.  Make the Open next year one of your goals and who knows – you might just surprise yourself !

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