Are You Beach Body Ready?

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Yeah but Nah. As we head towards summer (hopefully) I keep hearing people talking about becoming ‘beach body ready’.



It is all too easy for people to focused purely on their appearance, especially as the weather warms up and the layers come off. worrying about how your body looks and telling yourself that this is the only thing that matters doesn’t help anyone. It lacks effort, action, progress and a sense of achievement. C.S. Lewis once said “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” Yet it is more attractive to put ourselves on a pedestal, than it is to focus on one thing outside ourselves. While there are those who look and think they are perfect, there are lots of us who feel pale and out of shape! One pitfall of the getting ‘beach body ready’ attitude is a tunnel focus it put on looks, with weight often the only target.

The alternative is Achievement. If we set ourselves goals that are quantifiable then we are more likely to achieve them. As part of my degree course we are constantly told to set achievable goals for our patients during rehabilitation, this is to show momentum.  Easier said than done, right?  Well, it doesn’t have to be, the smallest thing can help us get out of bed in the morning whether these goals are in life, work or in the gym.

Choose something that is basic and achievable at first;  Such as ‘I want to train 4 times a week’ Done? Great, now focus on something within the gym like ‘I am going to get a pull up’ or even ‘I am going to get a 32” waist’. Avoid weight goals at all cost as they can be unrepresentative and meaningless. Also have a means by which to achieve them, you’re not going to be getting anywhere if you don’t show up. Remember, these goals must be relative, so make them achievable.

You’re not going to start doing muscles ups if you only just started doing pulls ups.

Achievement always trumps words. Focusing beyond looks, and setting attainable goals based on building new skills or upping attendance are a much better approach to feeling fit and as a buy product also looking good for summer!


Coach Baz

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