Are you rushing your goals/fitness?

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We all have or should have goals that we would like to achieve, either long term or short term goals (if not ask a coach to help set some for you). When setting our goals we really need to be realistic, patient, and do them in a progressive order. For example if I have never done a strict pull up my short term goal shouldn’t be to be doing multiple kipping pull ups. This would be a long term goal that would be more realistic. The proper order of this would be to be working the progressions of getting a strict pull up and then continuing strict until we are able for 3-5 good strict pull ups. The problem is that working this absolute strength skill (strict pull ups)  is boring to most people. This leads right into the title of this blog, if we rush or skip through the steps we are only putting ourselves in a position to get injured and delaying ourselves even longer of achieving our goals by not working on the strength that is required for these skillful moves. We need to think about our goals again and the progressions to achieving them, ask your coaches what you need to be  doing to achieve the end goal and work through the progressions in order to achieve them.

Strength doesn’t just come overnight folks, it takes some people years to build up the strength for a lot of the exercises crossfitters take part in. Especially if a person hasn’t had any past experience in training or sport. Also, strength isn’t just given away, if you’re looking to get strong in a certain exercise you actually have to do work! I know, I sound crazy but its true. Simple things that can help are doing more outside of the gym Do sets of push ups (inclined on a chair if needed) everyday or every other day, sit ups and planks to strengthen the core, air squats, and many other bodyweight exercises are great for building strength. All of these basic exercises are overlooked, but going back these are the base or root exercises that start us getting stronger in the first place.

Enough on our goals and strength, moving on to the WOD. Scaling doesn’t mean you’re being a wimp and you’re the weakest crossfitter to ever walk through the door, it means you’re being smart, working to your ability, and not trying to over do it and get injured. If you’re doing every workout too heavy or above your abilities then you’re not going to get as much out of it as if you would work at your actual ability, stay in good position, hit all reps properly, and pace yourself. Then after the workout you wouldn’t feel so banged up like most of us have done . If you look at the top guys and girls in the world, they do this, they train like this, and thats why they are at the top. It shouldn’t be a race everyday guys, all your racing is to see how fast I can F*ck myself up if my form is all over the place and i’m flying through it. The only person you should be racing is yourself’s technique throughout the WOD, how long can I stay in good position, and technically hit every repetition ? As a coach I would rather see an athlete perform every exercise, in a WOD, perfectly and end up dead last oppose to flying through with shit form and coming first. In the long run the athlete ending last will eventually catch the top athlete.

Another thing is weight loss, and diet. If you are just getting into crossfit or even if you have been doing crossfit for a while and trying to rush weight loss, you’re going to be miserable, stressed out, unhappy, and exhausted, which isn’t how we should be. Weight loss is like trying to get stronger, you have to constantly work at it everyday. Unfortunately we can’t just take a pill and lose all our weight we want or get as strong as we would like. So what we have to do is set some realistic short and long term goals and stick to them as much as we can, educate ourselves as much as possible on nutrition and how to properly fuel yourselves with healthy food, and stay positive. If you’re eating healthy food, training, and just enjoying everyday life, then losing weight and looking the way you want will happen, just don’t be in a rush.

The main point I would like to get across to you is to just slow down a bit, think more about our technique and position in the WOD, stop racing through every workout like a madman, and not to rush things, they will happen if your doing the right things. If you’re trying to lose weight for a certain event, don’t be miserable and in bad form because your not eating right or not eating at all to lose the weight. Just remember that the event that was so important will pass and the next day/week/month/year will come and you will be looking how you want when you get there. so you have plenty of time and events to show up looking better and better. Same with training, if you are training for a competition but don’t have all the skills perfected and you don’t finish where you would have liked, always remember theres no rush, don’t skip through progressions, there will always be another competition.

I hope some of this blog will make some sense to you all. If you have any questions about anything in this like progressions please ask myself or one of your coaches and we will be happy to help. Take it easy, relax, have some fun, and lift some weights!


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