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By Coach Rusty


Question: What do all leading performers or top athletes have in common?

Answer: They are extremely well trained and manage high pressure situations well.

But how? How do they continue to perform to such a high standard every time, what is their secret??

Train the way you want to play

One of the best pieces of advice I ever took from my football career was that if you want to play hard, and consistently perform on game day, you must train to that standard every session.  Put yourself under game-like pressure, learning to make better decisions and adapt to the situation.

 3 things that top performers do to ensure they finish on top:

 1. Assess the challenge or objective

Being able to view a task or challenge, break it down into manageable pieces and execute each part of their plan makes an athlete more effective.

For example, a long chipper WOD, something short but heavy, or a team WOD all requires planning and a strategy for how much work needs to be done, or a “Game Plan” for how you want to attack that challenge.

How many times can you move that weight with good form, how many perfect ring dips do you really have, how long can you stay at a pace without burning out?

The better-trained athlete will have this information and more to assess their own abilities recorded from their training and apply it to the current challenge in front of them. (Are you keeping a training journal?)

2. Manage the work load required to complete the task(s)

 At CrossFit we face many challenges in and out of the workout. External factors: Tiredness, lack of fuel (energy), dehydration (too much coffee, boozing the night before) or just general motivation/mood. During a workout we manage these and many other factors to get the task done.

The athlete that can best manage these factors, the workload or WOD (without burning out) and continues to move well will be the athlete that comes out with the better training.

3. Adapt to the changing requirements of that challenge

Regardless of your background, when the pressure is on, we will all default back to the level of our training. For example, try shooting a free throw to win the NBA playoffs if you have never been put under that much pressure at training or make a deal on a tight deadline without having any information on the client.

Learning to adapt to pressure and the evolving situation is the ultimate key to success. The “high pressure players” have managed to be able to do this time and time again when the team needs them, and that is why they continue to be successful.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a workout that has 20 pull ups and your plan was to do 5,5,5,5, but now you think you can only do 4 at best. The athlete that best knows their abilities and how they feel during training will be able to adapt their plan to continue to get the work done efficiently without burning out: 3,3,3,3,3,3,2.

Those who can reassess their plan or current situation and make a new plan to succeed will best adapt to the pressure.

With the Crossfit Open not too far away and a Throwdown schedule in the works, not to mention our daily WODs to challenge yourself, the athletes that can continue to adapt to the workouts will become fitter, faster, stronger for longer and ultimately be more Awesome at life.

We are a product of our training environment.

Keep challenging yourself and each other, put yourself under pressure, try to have a plan but always be ready to ADAPT

See you down the rabbit hole

Coach Rusty

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