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Movement, from the shadows…

For most of you who’ve had eyes open in the box this past fortnight you’ll have seen me, notepad and pen in hand, watching and learning from our seasoned coaches. Shadowing Pricey and the guys at CFSL has provided me with the perfect platform to enhance one of the biggest tools a coach can and must have in CrossFit.; an eye for movement.

I’ve heard a lot of conversations recently in and out of the CrossFit world about why CrossFit has amassed such a loyal and dedicated following. You know the one. It starts ‘The great thing about CrossFit is…’. I hear words and phrases like community, intensity and sense of achievement, but the one thing that sets this form of training apart from 99% of everything else in the industry, is the emphasis on movement.

I’ve come to think of it this way, anyone can get fit and any PT can improve your fitness. Run 3 times a week. Perform 10 squat jumps and sprint to the cone and back, it’s not rocket science. But movement…that’s a lot different. It takes serious dedication, coaching and time to ease out a lifetime of idiosyncrasies, imbalances and lazy habits and shift them into smooth, efficient movement patterns.

It’s also true that fitness levels will change frequently throughout our lives. Injuries, holidays, weddings, work and a million other things all conspire to prevent us working out as much as we’d like, meaning our fitness levels today will probably be very different to those in 6 months or a year. But once you get movement nailed…that’s a skill that will stick around much longer.

Here’s the other reason I’ve discovered for why movement should be hailed as a superior benefit to most others. Good movement doesn’t just mean better WOD times, or heavier 1RMs. Movement affects all areas of life and, as we get older, efficient and safe movement has greater and greater significance.

So for me, CrossFit now starts and finishes with movement. It’s the justification for higher prices. The reason behind the endless rave reviews. Why millions of dedicated members lie on foam rollers for hours on end….and the foundation on which CrossFit’s incredible results are built.

Lastly, some of you may have heard the phrase, “There’s CrossFit and there’s CrossFit.” It’s the notion that the quality of service you receive can vary a lot from box to box. The more I shadow at CFSL and the more I look around at other boxes, the more I believe that it’s the emphasis placed on movement that makes up this difference. At CrossFit South London movement is king. Technique rules over speed, and intensity only comes after efficiency. It’s what separates good from great and fast from faster, and it’s something we can always keep chasing.




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