Autumn Weightlifting Competition versus LOWA by Coach Sal

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We are having a busy autumn with lots of events here at Crossfit Perpetua, hope you are enjoying them as much as we do!

Last Saturday November 8th Perpetua hosted the autumn weightlifting competition versus LOWA; this was the third meeting against our neighbours and the biggest one.

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Several athletes from Perpetua took on a really different challenge and tested themselves against the scariest of all opponents.. their own mind. And they certainly did a great job! Lots of pb’s, equal pb’s and Perpetua won the match!

Quick reference for people not familiar with the rules: weightlifting competitions are based on the two lifts, snatch and clean&jerk; each lifter is given three attempts for each lift.

The weight on the barbell only goes up! All lifters who are attempting a certain weight complete their attempts before the other lifters attempt higher weights. Every athlete has 1 minute from when the bar is loaded to complete their lift and they must hold the barbell overhead until given a ‘down’ signal. Judges will then decide for ‘Good’ or ‘No’ Lift.

Things to watch out for:
– No part of the lifter (except the bottom of the feet) shall touch the platform – no knees on the floor!
– The Lifter cannot “press out” the barbell. Press out is when the elbows are bent and the lifter uses strength of the arms to lock out the elbows.
– The lift must be all in one continuous movement – no stopping and restarting.
– The Lifter must hold the bar steady and motionless in all parts of the body overhead with feet in line until the judges give the down signal.

Coach Tyler showed us great lifting (choosing his weights just to beat coach Sal!) with an awesome 98kg Snatch and a 125kg C&J winning the meet.

Coach Sal posted a comfortable 85kg Snatch and an equal pb 105kg C&J; just missing out on the recovery phase on both 90kg snatch and a pb attempt at 108kg C&J. He placed third.

As Lowa lifter, Sal also concurred for the Club Rankings beating Sonia by only 0.3% sinclaire (a coefficient which calculate a bodyweight/weights lifted ratio). They won first and second place showing some strong lifting and close pb attempts!

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Great lifting from all other Perpetua athletes Sarah Hilton, Becky Bond, Eva Boursier, Linn Mayhew and Omar Bakhaty.sal blog 3


Do you want to learn more about weightlifting and how to efficiently use them in Crossfit workouts?! Join coach Sal every Saturday for the Barbell Club!

And if you need some inspiration, check out the World Weightlifting Championship currently taking place in Kazakhstan!

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