Back to Basics

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Back to basics.

When it comes to Crossfit we all know how important the squat is. It’s plays a part in our strength work, our Olympic lifting, our conditioning, our recovery and so forth.

It’s a part of our daily life (when we sit down on the couch to watch Netflix and get back up), and thus carries great importance for our health and TV viewing.

Living in today’s world we are conditioned to spending much of our time sitting in chairs, at school, at work, on the bus etc and much less time in the squat (which is our natural sitting position). No Bueno for the body unless you are after a tight back and cement hips.

Squatting in the gym brings so many benefits, strengthening our quads, glutes and midline to name just a few. It’s an important tool for getting us strong and keeping us healthy and should be utilised as such.

However, there are times when squatting (especially with a barbell) is not ideal. If you struggle to perform an air squat it’s likely not a good idea to put 100kg on your back and blast out some reps. If you can’t stabilise your spine, lack stability at your hip/knee/ankle joint or mobility in these areas, chance are squatting with a barbell may not be the best idea right now.

We need to go back to basics and solve your underlying issue. This may involve movement pattern drills, mobility work, stability work or all of the above. You can ask your coach at Perpetua on how best to attack this.

You are probably thinking, OK, yea I guess this makes sense but what about my leg *gains*? Well not to worry, we got you covered.

There are plenty of other options out there that might be suitable to continue progressing your strength without putting you at risk of injury while we fix our squat faults. If you have ever done Bulgarian split squats and couldn’t get out of bed the next day you know I’m speaking the truth. There are so many other options too – lunging, box step ups, barbell glute bridges to name a few. Again you can talk with your coach on ideas for programming here.

There also maybe some of us who are just starting on our training journey and don’t necessarily have any issues with the movement but just need some practice with the patterns and some confidence before bringing in barbell squats. Here we can start with an air squat, then maybe a goblet/kettlebell squat and then onto box squats with the barbell (just a simple example).

Squatting is awesome, but you have to earn the right to squat, especially if you are sitting on those glutes 8 hours a day! If that means rehab/prehab to correct movement patterns, or some mobility work, get on it ASAP, the *gains* will thank you! #quadzilla #addmasstothatass

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