Beauty and the Bar – CFSL's Women's Only WorkshopSaturday 26 April, 11.15 am

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At long last, I am happy to announce our first Beauty and the Bar session will take place on Saturday 26 April at 11.15 am! Beauty and the Bar is a 1.5 hour workshop just for the women of CFSL which costs £10 to attend. We will focus on gymnastics progressions, strength assistance work for gymnastics movements and powerlifting. The session will finish with a team WOD.
What makes this session awesome is that you ladies will be in charge of what we choose to go over. Instead of being programmed solely by the coach, I will be looking to you all for inspiration. Before each session, I will take a vote as to which movements you would like to focus on and I will structure the programming around what you guys what to work on the most.
Register here:
or email with any questions
Can’t wait to work with you all soon!
x Maria
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