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With both of them having backgrounds in Bootcamps before they saw the light, coaches Gemma and Ozzie wanted to share their thoughts and insights into the stark differences between the Bootcamp and CrossFit worlds.

To start with, lets run through the most common characteristics of your everyday bootcamps:

– Outside & Cold
– Involve large groups making individual goals difficult to achieve
– Limited to equipment available
– Limited to the imagination of the trainer
– Repetitive drills and workouts
– A large over emphasis on cardiovascular endurance and stamina resulting in a loss of focus on power, stamina, strength, balance, coordination, agility, and accuracy and speed.
– High injury rate, which is usually a result of limited warm up space or time and cold outdoor conditions
– Mobility is very rarely provided again due to time and or space.

So how does this differ to the CrossFit landscape?

1. Though, initially, you may achieve some of your goals through Bootcamp style training, that dreaded plateau is never too far away. The ceiling is set very low and we’d argue it’s impossible to hit your physical potential through Bootcamp alone. It lacks the individual focus and variance of modalities.

2. With CrossFit, yes there is a huge team ethos but when it comes to goals we take a very individual approach too. We strongly encourage members to sit down with your coach at some point in the next 4 weeks and talk through your 2014 goals. This individual focus is crucial to hitting your physical potential and keeping you motivated.

3. CrossFit is constantly varied. Varied through the movements you complete in a workout, to the duration of the workouts themselves, which in turn means we are working through the different energy systems in your body. This continuous drive of change creates a unique and challenging stimulus on the body every time, causing positive adaptations and an addiction to achieve more.

4. You’ll never be in a class without a coach. This is a huge point of difference for us. It’s something that hooked us from the very start of our journey into CrossFit, simply because we both love learning new skills. At CFSL we believe you are entering a school of fitness, whereby during each and every session you will constantly be learning and progressing new skills in addition to increasing your knowledge and understanding of why we do and don’t do certain things.

4. Do you lift weights at a bootcamp? Very rarely, and certainly not like you do in CrossFit – creating power and strength is key to developing your fitness. That doesn’t mean you need to develop huge muscles, but resistance training has a very unique response on the body with an enormous amount of positive outcomes. Weight loss, bone density, hormonal changes and increased strength to name a few.

5. The beauty of CrossFit is the community we grow in our box. You’ll never finish a workout alone, you’ll never worry the person next to you is lifting more – you’ll be inspired to work and get there yourself. All great sporting heroes need cheering to do better, that’s what you will feel in the box. It provides the support network you seek if motivation starts to wane, and a brand new group of friends who share the same enthusiasm for health and fitness as you.










So how do you get involved?

Firstly we will provide a free intro session, which takes you through a background into how CrossFit works, and the beliefs it’s based upon. From there, you’ll have a set number of sessions with a coach that teaches you the key movements and skills you’ll need for class. Once graduated you’ll head into class with a firm grasp of your goals and a clear vision of how you’ll achieve them.

Keep chasing,

Coaches Gemma and Ozzie

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