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The Christmas season is the time of year when we go out to meet family and friends. As we all know this can turn into days and nights of binge drinking and eating poorly. But remember, you don’t want to lose your gains. The goal is to minimize damage control on the body.

Bro Science
So your liver is used to digest protein, fat and carbohydrates. Your liver converts these macronutrients to energy. Your liver prioritises the digestion of alcohol to push it out of your body. Alcohol also slows down the recovery process from the gym and dehydrates you AKA ‘The Hangover’. So I’m here to tell you how to combat the effects of boozing.

So, here’s my 8 Tips for partying, drinking and training during the Christmas (silly) Season.

1. Have your last drink before midnight.
The body will have a great chance to digest the alcohol. You will have a better chance of functioning the next day…

2. Don’t mix your drinks with sugary sodas.
The extra sugar in the likes of Coke, Tonic water, 7-up etc can be a killer. Extra toxins that you don’t need – especially if you’re trying to keep your body fat down over the christmas period. Stick with Soda water and sugar free.

3. Between Drinks Grab a glass of water.
This is a game changer when trying to keep hydrated when consuming lots of alcohol. Since alcohol is a diuretic and makes you want to go to the toilet alot – you become very dehydrated. This is why you get hangovers in the mornings. Make sure to drink plenty of water before you go to bed as well.

4. Take in plenty of Vitamins and Minerals.
After a night on the jar before bed and in the morning I take some Vitamin C, a multivitamin and usually some salt in my water. Or some dioralyte. The day of the hangover put plenty of salt on your meals to combat your depletion of electrolytes and consume foods high in potassium (sweet potatoes + bananas).

5. Eat unlimited Vegetables.
Since it’s the winter and you’re probably not getting enough daylight and rest, take plenty of vegetables. You can reduce your risk of getting sick by eating plenty of vegetables.

6. Remember to eat your protein.
If drinking is going to slow down your recovery from the gym – you want make sure you’re hitting your protein intake for the day before you go on the jar. If fat loss is your goal you probably want to reduce the amount of carbs you eat on the day of a session. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. Save them for you pints. You should do some form of cardio in the morning before the session as well.

7. Know the one that’s one to many.
Try to reduce your amount heavy drinking nights. Everything in moderation. That means next time you’re on the session you’ll enjoy it more.

8. Happy Christmas

Go out and enjoy yourselves.

Kind regards,

Coach Conlan.

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