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The benefits of fat black (bulletproof) coffee


Bulletproof coffee, also known as a ‘fat n black’ , is a health craze sneaking into suburban kitchens,Gyms and Coffee shops around the world. At first In fact, when I first heard about it I didn’t try it for at least 6 months because I didn’t trust the recipe. I figured it would be something one would have to drink as a dare…Ha!. Rest assured, it’s delicious, like a super creamy latte and the difference to my health ,brain activity and energy levels through the day, I was a convert.

My first time with a Bulletproof coffee was about about t months ago. The cacao butter gave a surprisingly lovely creaminess to the drink, and blended in well with the taste of the coffee. It aint everyone cup of coffee but perhaps the possible physical benefits assisted my taste buds to accept this strange brew.


A well known advocate and creator of the bulletproof for this strange brew is Dave Asprey. He claims that this concoction of good saturated fats and coffee will keep your energy levels up for six hours as well as providing you with improved cognitive function and may assist you to lose weight. The folks that I know who drink a daily fat black have also experienced the sensation of an energy buzz, just as I do.

And while butter and coffee may sound like an unlikely combination, it has actually been consumed around the world for many years in countries such as Ethiopia and Tibet. Asprey found it first when hiking in the Himalayas

So how is it made? A tablespoon of organic grass fed butter or Raw Cacao Butter ,MCT oil is mixed with good organic black coffee. Every thing is blended together for 90secs to give a very creamy finish to the mix.

What will it do for me?
The fat in the butter and the effects of the MCT Oil( medium chain triglycerides extracted from coconut oil) will keep you full and energized for hours. And I call it my secret weapon because it will help you melt unwanted fats.

I prefer to have my bulletproof coffee for breakfast. It’s also great to use on an intermittent fasting protocol as it will fill you up and revamp your energy without pulling you out of ketosis.

Seriously, Drinking coffee is this way as made a big difference in my life ,it aint no longer coffee unless it’s Fat and Black(Bullet proof).

Here is a link from precision nutrition to all science behind what mixing the coffee and and fats can do for your body and health.


Make sure to try our blend of “Fat n Black” at Perpetua power station. Everyone is entitled to a free sample from next Monday so you can get a taste for this wicked potion.


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