What Can You Learn From The CrossFit Open? Coach Eoghan

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1 – Consistent training and following the program from CrossFit Perpetua will pay off

I think every member of CFP will agree that since our new program has came in a few months ago that Andy has been working on is bringing improvements to everyone making the step into class everyday. Be smart when training in the gym everyday, when there is a time that you need to drop weight or scale the movement, then do it. The program is designed for you to make progress so if you can’t do a movement, follow the program and don’t be stubborn. Do the Base section and be patient..If you do this, it will pay off. You’ll see the people who are getting the most success in the Open stick to the program and scale when needed.

2 – Listening to your coaches so that your technique is correct will bring success

I’ve been to all the Open workouts over the past 4 weeks and there is a very common theme when it comes to the people who are winning or doing very well at the workouts. Their technique for the movements is spot on..if you have bad technique and try to rush a movement, you will gas out earlier and therefore not be as efficient. Some of the workouts this year have been long so you need to be efficient in your movement to perform better. Next time you are doing a WOD in class, forget about the clock or people around you, hit every movement the best you can with the correct technique and it will bring you success when you are demanding the most from your body. If a coach points out something to fix, take it on board and make the change.

3 – Mental Strength is important

We have all heard the mind is a very powerful tool when doing anything in life. Be positive before every workout regardless of what is involved. The Open is here to test people’s fitness levels but also your mind, the wod is designed to challenge you mentally and make you think you cant keep going. Block out all negative words before any wod and take the learnings to be stronger in the next workout. A Lot of people can be at the same fitness level but what separates one athlete to another can be there mental strength. Let the nerves drive you on and be positive.

4 – You can always do more than you think

Who here reading this went harder than they thought they could? Lifted more? Moved better? Faster? You can always push yourself as long as you want. You are not the only the person going through the pain so keep that head up and work harder. Anything is possible.

5 – Learn what your weaknesses are and work on them

Whether it’s HSPUs, jumping chest to bar or even skipping..The Open is there to find your weaknesses and tell yourself ‘Hey you need to work on this stuff, yes it mightn’t be fun or you find it hard, but suck it up and work on it’. Hit Open gym on Sundays or ask your coach for help on that area, then turn up next year and smash it.

6 – There will always be a repeat workout

We never know which workout will be repeated from a few years ago but it’s normally the one that hurt the most or the one that people complained about. (That’s all Open workouts..right?) It’s a excellent gauge though to see how much you have improved from when the last time you did the workout, embrace the challenge and see how far your fitness has came along.

7 – Fuel your training

All your Open performances should spur you on to improve and fuel your training for the next 12 months. Remember the areas you need to concentrate on and when you see those movements come up in class, make sure you turn and make progress.

8 – Dave Castro is full of surprises and his Instagram hints make no sense

If anyone has been following Dave Castro’s Instagram account during the Open, you will see photos that are there to make sure no one gets any sleep the night before and make people think they have figured the workout and guess what….you didn’t….Dave wins 🙂

9 – Be happy that you’re part of such a great community

The last 4 Friday nights have been amazing and I can’t wait for 16.5. Seeing so many people been cheered on during the wods, picked up off the floor and the applause at the end of each wod makes it a great atmosphere to be in. You are part of a great community and let’s celebrate that on Friday night.

10 – Yes you did have fun and you will sign up next year

Yes you did regardless of how hard it was.

Enjoy Friday night!



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