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Do you want to be better at Olympic Lifting?

Is your snatch a source of frustration?

Do you feel like you *should* be able clean and jerk *way* heavier weights than your current ability allows?

Does the complexity of it all overwhelm and fascinate you?

Or do you just LOVE the look and feel of lifting big weights at super speeds and want to brush up your technique to fully express your awesome strength?

On the weekend of May 7 and 8th, Perpetua are pleased to announce we’re hosting a very special Olympic Weightlifting Workshop with Irish Team members and head coaches from Capital Strength Weightlifting Club!

This hands on workshop is your chance to receive coaching and feedback on your lifts from some of Ireland’s most experienced and talented Olympic weightlifting coaches!

The workshop will be lead by Harry Leech, Ireland’s head coach at 8 European Senior Championships, 3 World Championships and numerous other international events; and Alexandria Craig who was the first woman weightlifter in Ireland to EVER qualify for the European Senior Championships, has represented Ireland at 3 European & 1 World Championships and is National Record holder in 2 weight classes.

Harry and Alex have been Coach Kortney’s coaches for over two years (almost three!), progressing her through their skilled approach to coaching and programming to take a few Irish Masters Records as well.

This workshop is not only an excellent opportunity to learn, practice, and be coached by some of the best in the country, it’s also a fundraising event to help offset their recent expenses representing Ireland on the international stage.

The Irish Weightlifting Team received ZERO funding this year, leaving coaches and athletes to fend for themselves while representing Ireland on the international platform in Norway last week.

By taking part in this workshop weekend you’re not only going to come away a more skilled weightlifter, but you’ll also be helping to support these two passionate and integral members of Team Ireland!

The workshop will take place over two days, but if you can only make one session or only want coaching in one of the lifts, then you may opt to attend for one day only! (How’s that for flexible?) A special 2-day discount will be available for members who want the full experience!

Saturday, 7 May, 1-5pm – Snatch (€75)

Sunday – 8 May, 1-5pm – Clean & Jerk (€75)

BOTH days discount – €130

Included in the workshop:

* Proven mobility and warm up progressions for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk

* The 5 most common mistakes with the Snatch and Clean & Jerk – and how to avoid them

* Individual cues and corrections on your Snatch and Clean & Jerk technique

Numbers in the workshop will be limited to maximise contact time with these coaches with places allocated on a first come, first served basis.

You can reserve your place in Zen and payment can be collected on the day!

If you are taking part in the workshop we advise DO NOT do a CrossFit/Strength class on that day.

Harry cheering Si

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