Celebrating Movement

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 When you’ve been training for a while, regardless of the discipline, the reason you started can often be forgotten. I therefore believe as a coach it is our job to remind you guys of how far you have come.

In my recent gymnastics class both John and Louis performed their first Strict Muscle ups. We celebrated with my old school method of banging on the metal walls. Let everyone know you’ve just become a more skilled human being.

Ultimately, we are all in the business of movement.

When I first started CrossFit I threw down with a couple of guys who I knew were fit, but didn’t realise were  leagues ahead of me. For a number of weeks, I came last. At the end of every workout I was cheered on by everyone around me. At first, I couldn’t understand this concept, I felt like I sucked compared to these people yet they were “high-fiving” me and patting me on the back. They were celebrating what felt like my mediocrity.

After a few months when I had improved a little, I joined this crew of people cheering on the last person to finish. I took a step back from this seemingly odd tradition to reflect on what we were celebrating.

We were celebrating movement. We were celebrating the fact that that person had just completed their first ever Rx workout. Had completed their first double under, first pull up, perfected a movement. This is what it’s all about folks, celebrating the progress in the way your body flows.

It’s very easy (I am more than guilty of this sometimes) to get caught up in the kilos added to the bar and feel like you’re not progressing when really you’ve come a very long way from day zero.

So next time your coach gets excited about your movement, get excited with them. Bang the walls when you perform a new skill because remember, for the past 10,15,20,40,60 years, you had never performed that physical feat.

Continue to learn, continue to evolve, continue to move. 

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