CFD – Albert talks porformance Part 2+3

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Performance tracking – Part 2

Where are you at currently on your Crossfit athletic Journey?

On Monday I posted about performance measurement. I mentioned about tracking and
progress expectations for weight lifting in particular. Hopefully everyone who read the
post checked out the 2 links attached and made some realistic goals….(for those who
didn’t – here they are again!!)

Today we are going to look a bit more at performance measurement in relation to
Crossfit. We have all seen “Games” athletes posting extraordinary numbers in their
workouts, and admit it we all like to gauge ourselves of these benchmarks.

Crossfit seattle put together a great PDF on the 4 levels of crossfit athletic achievement
some time back, and its as good a place to start as any to “see where your at” in relation
to balanced fitness. – check it out here

Where do you rank? – (if it looks familiar, that’s because this stuff is in the back of your
log book!!)

Performance tracking – Part 3

Last week I posted the Crossfit athletic skills levels – of the all rounds fitness athlete.

Today we look at tracking and planning your running times more accurately.

Enter the McMillian calculator –

This is an amazing tool to plan your running times and hit some targets. You need a base time to punch in and then it gives you your predicted times over a number of distances. So try it out. Hit a max effort 400m and also a max effort mile (not back to back – recover fully). When you put these numbers into the calculator separately you can get a great goal post to plan your other distances – 800m, 5k, 10k, marathon etc….. it even gives you pace times for the longer runs.

No excuses now – Get planning, set goals and start tracking progress to get the most from your training!! – Do it!!


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