CFD Christmas party & Muscle up workshop


CFD Christmas Party!

We are having the CFD Christmas get together on Saturday the 8th of December at 7 O’ Clock. Venue TBC this week.

We would love everyone to stop by and have a drink with us…starts at 7 ends whenever…well, whenever you want 😉
Everyone is welcome, friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, cats, dogs, anyone!

It’s going to be a fun night, we can’t wait to see everyone out of their gym clothes!!

Muscle-up Workshop

On Saturday the 17th of november i will be running a muscle up workshop.The class will run from 10am to 12.. The purpose of this will be to break down the movement of a muscle up and to go through the progressions to getting one. I will be focusing mainly on the transition part of the muscle up as i feel this is the part where most people are failing in there efforts to get one..
There will be a pre requisite of 5 strict ring  pull ups(chest to rings) and 5 strict ring dips(shoulder to rings).. The reason for this is without these movements you would not have the ability or shoulder stability to perform a muscle up… So if you have the above 5 and 5 then sign up and get that muscle up that you’ve been waiting for..!!!!
Dave will be setting up a class on mind body for you to check in to. Places will be limited so get in quick.. If you are unsure of the standards check with any coach at CFD..
Love always,
Click here to view more on the muscle u, broken down in detail by CFD’s Albert Keogh
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