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Starting this Saturday the 20th I will be running a 6 week paleo challenge.Your workouts for the week are below this blog.

What is paleo?

This will include weekly meetings in Blackrock every Tuesday at 7.30pm .. In these meetings you will be given weekly meal plans and recipes along with shopping lists.. To take part in this challenge you will have to attend the weekly meetings and fill out daily meal plan work sheets. I will be giving my time and support during these 6 weeks at no charge.. All I ask of you is to commit to the 6 weeks and fill out the relevant meal plan sheets. The results of eating strict Paleo are tried and tested by all of the coaches at CFD.It works so work it , your worth it ….

Some of the advantages to eating paleo are:

  1. Increased and more balanced energy
  2. Sustained weight loss and muscle gain
  3. more efficient workouts – BETTER PERFORMANCE
  4. improved recovery
  5. stable blood sugar
  6. burn off stored fat
  7. reduced risk of food allergies-gluten etc
  8. anti-inflammatory-reduces bloat
  9. clear skin
  10. better teeth
  11. improved sleep patterns
  12. it’s filling!- you won’t feel stuffed or like you’ve over eaten but satiated
  13. Proven to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol
  14. You will increase vitamin/minerals in your diet
  15. Lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer
  16. Mental clarity
  17. Higher immune function
  18. Improved mood
  19. Reported reduced joint pain
  20. Appetite regulation-that sugar and processed carbs can actually destroy your ability to regulate how much you eat

So does Paleo really work????

Dave before Crossfit and taking on Paleo

Well here’s some stats that were given to me by Dave Moore one of our CFD brothers from Blackrock.. The figures speak for themselves..!!!

1)    I started doing Crossfit around this time last year and I had been still playing club rugby since the season before so I would of thought that I was in ok shape!  At the very peak I weighed in at around 328lbs (148.77 KG) when I started.

2)      This time last year I had been going 2 times a week sometimes 3 and had got down to 305lbs 138.6KG by Jan 21 2012, this is when I started the Paleo challenge for a month.  The results before and after the challenge is below..

Loss at the time: 23lbs (10.43KG) from September 2011 until Jan 2012 before the challenge

3)      At the end of the challenge and increasing the workouts from 2 to 3 or 4 a week I was down to 288lbs 131.2KG

Loss at the time: 17lbs (7.71KG) after challenge

Total loss since starting 40lbs (18.14KG)

4)      From the end of the challenge in Feb until Aug I have hovered in at around 284lbs sticking to about 60% Paleo.  At no time however I increased in weight.

Loss since Feb 2012 4lbs to Aug 2012

Total loss since starting 44lbs (19.95KG)

5)      For the past 3 weeks I have gone from 284 Lbs (128.82KG) to 272 lbs (123.37KG)

Loss since starting the Aug challenge I have lost a further 12lbs (5KG)

Total loss since starting 56lbs 25.40KG or 4 stone

6)      I am looking to get to 266lbs 120KG by the end of the month but my long term goal would be 252lbs (114.30 KG) which is 18stone.

If I reach 266lbs (120KG) that would be a total loss of 62lbs (28.12KG) in the past 12 months.

Dave today - amazing turn around in such a short space of time

Crossfit Challenge Jan 2012 results:

Wall balls 55 then 63 now

Kettle bell 45 then 61 now

Box jumps 28 then 48 now

Cal row 40 them 41 now

Total: 168 then 213 now

To put this in really simple terms, Dave’s paleo lifestyle change has resulted in an increased work capacity over a set time and a net loss of 20kg of body fat. Why not accept the challenge and see what it can do for you?

To take part in this challenge you will have to confirm by e-mail by Friday the 19th of October… There will be a 50 euro entry fee which will be refundable if you attend all six meetings and complete the necessary meal plan sheets.


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