Cfd Dublin inaugural Look good , Feel good challenge

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Cfd Dublin inaugural Look good , Feel good challenge


This challenge is about you making a healthy change for the better. Nutrition is the foundation of your success here at CFD. Keeping that in mind, we want to provide you with the necessary tools to be able to make a life long change. The challenge itself will only be 28 days, but the lessons you learn along the way will be applicable in the long term. It takes 28 days to change a habit. Give this challenge 28 days. Challenge yourself and see just what you are capable of.

Can you give up all forms of sugar for 28 days?

Can you give up alcohol for 28 days?

Can you give up wheat and gluten containing products for 28 days?


  • A Nutrition Guide
  • – complete with CFD beliefs on what a healthy diet is, how you can find your ideal diet based on your goals, foods to avoid, links to the best recipe websites and supportive documents to help you through these 4 weeks.

  • 2 Body Composition Assessments
  • – One prior to the challenge and one at the completion of the challenge.

  • Before and After Photos
  • – not required, but highly encouraged!

  • Daily emails
  • -. It will be updated daily with an educational email. The mail will be a great place to ask questions, share success, struggles, ideas and recipes! The support of this group will play a huge role in your success.

  • Food Log Analysis
  • – Tracking your daily intake of food will be a huge part of your success. CFD will provide you with the template.  Food logs can be emailed and reviewed weekly with suggestions by Michael. You will be provided with a special email address of which to send your food logs.

  • Supplements
  • – You will be provided with a 30 day supply of CFD Pure pharma only recommended brand of fish oil and vitiamn D.

    • 7 days fruit and veg – fruit fellas will supply paleo box for you first 7 days of the challenge and there on after for €25 if your happy with the produce
    • T
    • shirt – once completed the challenge successfully(pure paleo-no slips) you will receive a t-shirt that lets the world know your are paleo compliant and looking and feeling the better for it

    Start the New Year off right.  On Saturday January 23rd @ 12.30pm, CFD will host a kick off meeting. A Coach will go over the nutrition guide with you and answer any intial questions you may have. This will be a great opportunity to meet your fellow challengers. There will also be a sign up sheet to get your initial body composition measurements taken. Body Composition measurements will take place from 10.30pm-12.30pm. If you are not available on Saturday, you may schedule a time for your measurement with Michael at a time that is convenient for both of you.

    What you receive

    A Nutrition Guide and meal plan – 20

    Pure pharma Fish oils and vit d 30 days supplies -58

    Personal body comp measures x 2 – start and finish – 60

    1 week of fruit,nuts,berries and veg from fruitfellas – 25

    Paleo T-shirt on completion – 25

    personalized advice  – 100

    total value of Challenge – €288

    Available to CFD members for – €160

    Mail to register your name to take the challenge

    Non – Members who sign up by Friday – €200.

    There will be prizes for the top finishers decided by the coach’s , who will take into factor your training Body composition changes and what comes back from your weekly food diary.

    Below is a interesting link to a article in the Irish independent , all the option around town are listed so you can really see the value on what we are offering.

    Workout of the day:
    Benchmark – test
    Starting at minute 0:
    20-15-10 rep rounds for time:
    Pushpress 50/35
    pull ups 24/20
    Starting at minute 18:
    15-10-5 rep rounds for time:
    Deadlift 80/50
    box jumps
    Starting at minute 35:
    Once, for time:
    15 Power Clean to Overhead  50/35
    30 push ups
    100 doubles
    1 rope climb
    Score is total working time.
    ”It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” 
    - Aristotle
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