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Message from Albert (Coach)

I chose Dec Caroll to be this months member of the month for Blackrock for a number of reasons, but mainly because he has inspired so many around him on his fitness journey. He has stepped up as a leader in the Masters Strength group, and more importantly has helped to influence the health of his entire family along the way. Since Dec started 1 year ago, his Wife, Son, and 2 daughters have all got involved in training, making it the first family with 5 members attending the gym!!!

So well done Dec – Tip of the hat to you!

Enjoy your free meals from Papa Paleo!!

See Dec’s story below.

1.How were you introduced to Crossfit?
By Albert Kehoe, Following a course of physiotherapy for back pain.

2.Favorite WOD/lift:
Deadlift and Back squat

3.I have always wanted to…
Lose weight and be fitter

4. One word people use to describe me:

5.Outside of the gym I like to…
Eat and Drink 🙂

6.Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me:
Back in the Day I was a bodyguard for an ACDC concert. Got to escort the lead on stage.

7.Favorite physical activity outside of Crossfit:
Cycling & Rugby

8.Favorite place to eat in Dublin:
Matt the Threshers

9.Song that gets me pumped up for a workout:

10.Proudest accomplishment:

Losing over 2 stone and deadlifting over 120KG for 5 reps.

I like most when I am maxed out cant make the last lift. It really means I have used up all my energy

11. Main things that have most improved since joing CFD?
My posture, strength and stamina.

I like most when I am maxed out cant make the last lift. It really means I have pushed it to my limit which I know is where I get the most benefits from my training

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