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Putting Words to Three Amazing Days Written by Michael

I will try to put words to a weekend filled with amazing moments. This is no easy task though. This weekend’s competition wasn’t about results; it was about effort and striving to achieve each of these athletes’ best. It’s easy to sum up the teams efforts in terms of ranking, but each and every one of these athletes can tell you that the journey to get to this point and the obstacles they overcame over the course of the weekend cannot be reduced to a ranking. It’s much more than that, and at the end of the weekend, that number tells a very small portion of the story.

Team CFD embodied everything we value in our athletes. They supported each other throughout; they found strength when they knew their teammates needed help. As a coach, I could not have asked for anything more. In the end, their full effort earned them 20th Place in Europe for the teams first year of competition. There were 153 teams that entered the open in this region and we amongst the best at 20th place. When you narrow it down a little we are 3rd in the uk and Ireland region.

Day 1 saw a early start with competitors briefing at 8am.Its was great to be in the presence of so many focused athletes there to test them selves against the best in the sport of crossfit. Workout one was Partnered deadlift and HSPU. We where hoping to do better in this than 20th place. The heavy tem deadlift took there toll on the girls but they got it together to finish strong. WOD 2 was the row, pistols and H.P clean. This was one of high lights watching the shivinator muscle her way through 15 cleans at her 1 rep max to sneak in with 10 secs to go and claim a 20th place for that workout. I have to say shiv had only lifted the 60kg clean 30 mins before the wod was to begin and watch her get the whole 15 done inside the time was only amazing.

Day 2 we started with the heavy dumbell snatch and sprint. Dougie blew everyone away with his effort by completing his fist round in 48secs and the tapping out to let shiv take center stage once again. Shiv had been training with a 30kg Dumbell and had been killing it all week but the weight to used at the comp was 31.5 kg and it made a big difference. But guess what with about 20 failed attempts Shiv battle her way to very end to get 10 complete snatch with 40 secs to in the  time cap made the sprint and Dougie knocked out a another 8 reps before the buzzer. I believe if Dougie had of been doin this the individual event he would of set a new world record for WOD3  or come very close if not.WOD4 was also a great effort from the girls but the pullups slowed them right down so made it hard for them to get the bar back to me and Dave to make a difference in the workout. They had led in ot the bar after the 75squats but the girls on the other teams had great pullups which made the difference.

Day3 saw the snatch ladder and this was where Crossfit Dublin got to leave its mark on the weekend. The girls all missed the first bar so of to a shaky start, but then up stepped the boys who all made it 80kg and failed o 85 except Dougie who went on to MUSCLE SNATCH 97.5 kg over head which raised the roof and I have to say I take no credit for that as a coach, its all natural ability and brut strength.

So overall we are very happy where we got in the end, jumping 3 places in regionals from the open and making it to the last day of competition. It was great learning curve for me a as a coach and the rest of the guys as competitors’ think they have seen the top now and want to mix it up year in year out with them. Here is to having CFD at the games in the next few years and taking on the world.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to guys for the good wishes and support you showed leading into the games.

Workout of the day:


100 Double Unders
15 Knees to elbows
80 Double Unders
15 Knees to elbows
60 Double Unders
15 Knees to elbows
40 Double unders
15 knees to elbows
20 Double Unders

Level 2 (50-40-30-20-10 Double unders)
Level 1 (20 attempts every round)

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