CFD – Todays WOD Demo


Todays WOD “UNBROKEN” , Once you pick the bar/KB up you need to complete the full set.If you drop without completing the top of the set you reset and start again.Sorry about the camera falling over at about round 4 but when was the last time you watch the clouds pass you by.I actually found it very relaxing….

Do yourself a favor, and realize that there’s no technique in the world that will save you. There are no pills, no secrets, no passwords on the path to greatness. You’ve got to embrace the pain, push the threshold, and feel the suck, and then you’ve got to muster the courage to go back 5 times a week.

After all, the world is a lot brighter when your pupils are the size of marbles, and massaging your sternum with your heart starts to feel good after a while. The plasma finds its way out of your lungs, and eventually you’ll be able to drive.

Sometimes, lying on the floor is its own reward.

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