CFSL climbs the walls at Urban Ascent

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image (1)-1The first CrossFit South London on location trip happened last month as Coach James took seven CFSL athletes to scramble, pull, leap and smear (technical lingo) their way up the walls of Urban Ascent in Parsons Green.

This is the first of many trips for the box where members can put their CrossFit training to the ultimate test in real world situations, like wall climbing or bubble football. That’s pretty real world right?

After some quick tuition the group wasted no time traversing across the room, tackling problems with no hands and scrambling up over-hangs. Some impressive smearing and seeeerious forearm burn later we headed out for some well-earned steak.

Special mention should go to Dan O’Conner. Some serious skills on the wall displayed from the Welshman and then there was Pricey…you showed a lot of heart out there mate.

With functionality at the heart of our programming CrossFit should and does transfer over to real life situations, as these guys can attest. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to take my CrossFit out of the gym and suggestions are always welcome. If you do have any ideas for great ways to put your training to the test just send them to

Until next time, keep chasing.


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