CFSL takes on Round 1 of The London Box Battles

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You may have seen the photos and blog posts on The London Box Battles over the past few weeks – now it’s time for CFSL to join in on the Battle! In preparation for the CFSL vs CFD Throwdown, we will have an CFSL box throwdown on Sunday 27 April from 12 pm as part of the first stage of The London Box Battles.

The London Box Battles has been designed as a friendly grassroots fitness league allowing athletes of all fitness levels to compete. In 2014, we are planning to hold 4 separate battles hosted by the local London CrossFit affiliates.

The competition will be split into 3 different scales of WODs to allow athletes of all levels to comet against others of the same ability.

The First Battle Format

Round 1 of the London Box Battles will see teams of 2 same sex athletes work together to accomplish three workouts throughout the day.

Group-A is scaled for advanced athletes
Group-B is scaled for general athletes who are new to the sport, or training for enjoyment, health and fitness
Group-C is scaled for athletes who have been training for only a short amount of time

The Workouts Of the Day

WOD #1

All Groups:

8min total time for both athletes to establish:

3RM Deadlift
3RM Strict OHP

**One empty bar will start in the rack. Athletes may choose what order to complete the exercises in. All reps must be touch and go**

Final score is the combined total of both athletes.

WOD #2

Group A

10min AMRAP:

10 Clean 70/50kg
20 T2B
30 Over the bar burpees

**Teams of 2 to work through reps together. As long as the number of reps are completed in the correct order, it doesn’t matter who does what. After completing 10 cleans they move on to 20 TTB etc… **

Group B

10min AMRAP:

10 Clean 60/40kg
20 K2E
30 Over the bar burpees

Group C

10min AMRAP:

10 Clean 50/30kg
20 Hanging Knee Raises (knees above hip line)
30 Over the bar burpees

WOD #3

Group A

3 rounds for time of:

50 Partner wall ball 9/7kg (10ft/9ft)*
50 American KBS 32/24kg

** Partner wall ball: P1 throws ball at target and P2 catches. P2 then hits target an P1 catches. Every target hit is and ball caught is 1 rep.**

Group B

3 Rounds of:

50 Partner wall ball 9/7 (10ft/9ft)
50 American KBS 24/16kg

Group C

3 Rounds of:

50 Partner wall ball 9/7 (9ft/8ft)
50 American KBS 16/12kg

The Final Battle

On the day, the box must pick two athletes from each sex to compete in a final WOD (bonus points for the league). These athletes can come from any group.

Teams of 2 athletes will work together to complete the reps in the following order:

200 DU
100 box jumps (24/20”)
50 thrusters (42.5 / 30 kg)
1000 m row

**There is no minimum or maximum number of reps each athlete must perform. It is up to the athletes to decide how they will complete the WOD together.**

Each box will supply judges on the day to count and “no rep” the competitors. The score cards for each event will be collaborated to calculate the best performing athletes in each group across all boxes. Thanks to inov-8, these athletes will receive some awesome prizes.

The overall scores will be used to create a league ladder and determine the best performing box throughout 2014 (Rounds 1-4)

Email Maria with your partner’s name and the group you would like to enter as soon as possible: Registration will cost £10 per athlete.

NB if you registered for the DWF qualifiers, your fee for this competition will be waived.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this is a very last minute event, but hopefully we can get as many people as possible together for an awesome Sunday WOD session.

See you all on the floor!

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