CFSL's Friday Night Lights starts Friday 28 February

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The first workout for the 2014 CrossFit Games season will be announced on Thursday 27th February and the main event for CFSL athletes will be held on Friday 28th and every Friday night until all workouts are announced, over 5 weeks. These sessions are our Friday Night Lights (FNL) and we want as many members as we can joining in on the fun.

CFSL is still in our first year, so competitive CrossFit and the Open is new for many of the athletes here. No matter what ability you are, you are an athlete and you are encouraged to sign up and take part as it’s a truly unique event. You feel part of a global community and when you watch videos from around the world, by participants at any level, age and ability, you empathize with those people immediately. In 2011 26,000 people signed up, in 2012 69,000 and in 2013 138,000 people took part. My guess is that over 200,000 people will throwdown on the 27 February. It’s getting bigger and better each year.

Since this is our first year as a community taking part in the Open, we want to really make an impact and bring everyone together. First we need you to sign up so you can take part in the FNL as well as get an official score and see where you are ranked on a global level. Don’t worry, its not a long process, we just need to have you linked with our box so we can make it all proper. To sign up, click here. There is a small fee for HQ. Make sure you sign up under our future new name: CrossFit Perpetua (more on this new name on a later email). Complete whatever info you want or don’t want, we care that you just register so we can see your name under our box name and we can expect you on Friday. Then you are all set to start working out when the first workout is announced.

How The Open works

Crossfit HQ in California announces what the wod is via their Games website. Don’t worry, social interweb will go crazy so you are bound to see it. All info on weights RX/Scaling will be there, what is and isn’t a rep, what the movement is and how you are scored, so all questions will be answered. Knowing CF HQ as we do, there is no grey area, trust us. We will have official score sheets on the night which you will sign off on, as will your judge. You will then enter the scores and us here will validate those scores and bingo, your name is on the global leaderboard.

When you can work out

This is what the FNL is for. It’s a scientific fact that people workout and push themselves more when in groups and cheered on. Every Friday from 6pm to 9pm, you will be placed in heats. The heat’s size and duration depends on the workout. All official judging will be done during the FNL time, so as to give everyone the ability to come down, cheer on as well as take part. The programming for Friday will be The Open wod, so the morning and lunchtime classes you will get to do the workout. But remember, you will not be officially judged so you can’t enter that score in. Official judging, therefore official scoring, will take place during FNL heats. This also means that there is NO 6pm class.


We want to see as many people cheering on as many athletes as we can, so please, come down, hang around and get into the spirit of the Games. This is the reason we are doing the FNL, so we can get the community together and join in on an awesome global event. It is genuinely like a class wod on steroids.

What else…

We’ve brought in amazing catered food and great sponsors who have donated prizes that will be handed out to CFSL athletes and maybe even one lucky and inspirational spectator.

Evolve will be on-site serving their famous Paleo-friendly gourmet meals. The prizes have been provided by our friends at Reebok, VitaCoco, and Upcakes.

Prizes will be given to participants in the following categories:

Top Male and Female Athlete
The top male and female CFSL members who participate in the workout on Friday night will receive some very nice prize packages. Scoring is simple, you just need to post the best score on the Open workout amongst those competing on Friday night. (Coaches are not eligible to win prizes).

Most Inspirational Athletes
Prizes will also be given, regardless of score on their workout, to the most inspirational athletes who participate on Fridaynight. The prizes will be given at the coaches’ discretion based on performances that exemplified the fortitude that we like to see in CFSL athletes.

Most Inspiring Supporter
We know that CFSL community gives our athletes a HUGE competitive advantage, so it seems only fair to also give a prize to the member who best exemplifies the support, sportsmanship and enthusiasm of the CFSL way.

If you want to find out more or even check a few videos out, please just visit the main Games site here.

The CFSL Team look forward to you joining in on The Crossfit Games Open!

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