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Christmas is just around the corner.

There are a lot of us that are just sitting here; looking at that massive to-do list to be done that seems to be endless. Some of us are also counting down the days until they’re checked into a flight, heading off to their Christmas destination. As lists are becoming infinite, and things are piling up, we then start to fall back and lose motivation.

Distracted by this joyous and festive season, we tend to slowly forget our health and fitness, especially when we’re looking forward to escaping the English weather in the next few weeks. Thus, gradually losing that lifestyle we were introduced to. I’m a preacher when it comes to living life in moderation, so letting loose is great; but I’m sure we’re also worrying about not wanting to waste all the hard work we’ve put in!

What I love about Crossfit is the idea of being ‘constantly varied’, so trust me; there is no excuse for Crossfit not to happen when you go traveling! And throughout my travel experiences, I’ve gathered a list of good tips on how to still live a fit and healthy lifestyle when you’re on holiday.

Here are my top eight tips:


The two main things I recommend are your trainers and your skipping rope. They’re easy to pack and simplicity is key! If you’ve planned ahead and have asked yourself, ‘What would Froning do?’, and for sure know you’re going to lift big weights, then go for it, go pack the whole package! But really… You’re going on a holiday, not the Crossfit Games.


The number of Crossfit boxes is continuously growing every year. I’m sure there is at least one box in town that you can come and drop in for a session. Here’s a link to locate the nearest affiliate near you:


No matter where you are there’s always a way. Hit a body weight based WOD in your hotel room or even outside! Go for a run, or go for a swim. These are a the top two apps I recommend getting on your iPhone/Android that can easily choose a WOD for you to hit once a day: TravelWOD and PocketWOD,
Crossfit encourages everyone to learn new skills so take this holiday opportunity to do that! If you’re off to the Alps and swore to yourself you are a forever skier, but never actually tried snowboarding before… Take one day off your skis and challenge yourself to board. If you’re in the tropical climate, test your balance and core strength by learning stand-up paddleboard. Challenge yourself to surf! Mentally test yourself to go for the longest hike. Do things you would never think of doing years ago.


Well maybe you don’t want to, but maybe there’s a part of you that would love some competition action. If you’re going on holiday with your partner, friend, or family member who’s on the same Crossfit boat, spark some competition! Start off your day with a mini WOD throwdown and have fun with it – winner gets to buy dinner and drinks!


Map or no map, explore the area by simply walking around the city. Google information for bike tours around the city. A keen early riser? Go for a run and aim to finish at a famous point to get the best view of the sunrise!


Motivation is something we sometimes all lack, especially when we’re on holiday. What to do when you’re lacking motivation? Well, if you’re an ultimate foodie like me, I motivate myself by choosing restaurants to go to after a workout when I’m traveling. Just because you’re on holiday, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge on delicious cuisine! Like I said, it’s all about moderation and making a lifestyle. Reward yourself from putting effort, even if it’s just 10 minutes of your day – you deserve it!


Never let stress get in the way of this festive season. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

If you can’t fit a workout in, don’t be upset about it. No one expects you stick to your plan 100%. Enjoy your holiday and relax. We always need some time to let loose in life: get a tan on the beach; drink a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows after a day of ski/board, and have the best Christmas feast with your friends and family! Most importantly, just be happy make the best memories – it’s Christmas!

Coach Naz



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