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It’s time to have our first team competition in our new gym, end the year on a high and celebrate everyone’s progress, whether you’re just a new member or have been here for 3 years. Let’s test all those amazing movements you do every day and enjoy working out with this great community.

We run these competitions every few months and they are a great success with over 100 members taking part and every member will tell you what a great day they are. This year we expect over 100 members again to take part so sign up and save the date – 26th of November.

It will be great to see so many people coming together on the day, throwing down, working as a team and showing the type of community spirit that in my mind would rival anyone else’s! And then of course celebrate with a few drinks together that night!

Check out one of our competition videos from the CrossFit Open last year!

The reason for running this competition is simple – Bring the community together and end the year on a high! I know some people don’t like the thought of competing so I hope your fears will be overcome after reading this and also by talking to the members about previous team competitions.

The workouts will designed so they will be accessible to all fitness levels and any competition – we are not looking for any individual rock star performances, just for everyone person who walks through that door to enjoy themselves, push themselves a little and learn something along the way.

So you’re interested yes? Right let’s sign up!!!

Please sign up now using this LINK.

Competition details:

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Q – How do I sign up?

A – Please sign up now using this LINK

Q – How are the teams put together?

A – Each team will be selected by the coaches – We will try our best to make sure every team is evenly matched

Q – Is there is a scaled & RX category?

A – No – Every team will be mixed and all movements will be for all levels

Q – When will the workouts be released?

A – On the day – 26th of November

Q – How much does it cost to enter?

A – €10 – all profits are going to charity

Q – I am new to CrossFit, will I still sign up?

A – Of course, it will be a great opportunity to meet everyone in the gym and to test your fitness, I promise you wont regret it!

Q – How many workouts will there be?

A – There will be 3 workouts for every team

Q – What time is it at?

A – It starts at 10am and there will be an after party at 7.30pm in The Jar (after the match!!)

Coach Eoghan

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