Coach Jamie Headon's Tips for 16.2

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16.2 Open Workout

Jamie Headon’s Tips and Strategies.

1: Open hand Grip on the Toes to Bar: You want to stay relaxed through the forearms. This will stop you from tightly griping and pulling on the bar and should help with a tighter swing where you can concentrate on breathing.

2: Move from the start: This is a fast workout and Heart rate will shoot up very early on in the WOD. Unless you think you will finish the workout I would not be overly concerned with pacing. Move with purpose and get as much time in the bank as possible for the later rounds.

3: Break up the T2B: Don’t be forcing reps. Hit comfortable sets but keep moving. No need to max out to do an unbroken round. This will only leave you messing up your doubles or needing to rest before you even start them.

4: Stay by the bar: Bad habits creep in. Drop the bar but stay by it, a couple of breaths and go again. Walking backward and forwards only wastes time and does nothing for recovery.

5: No Belts: Unless the weight is very heavy for you don’t belt up. Its hard enough to breathe without a belt tightly wrapped on. The process of taking it on and off will cause you to rest longer than necessary.

6: This one is straight forward Go Hard Or Go Home.

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