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With the London Box Battles drawing closer on the 22nd October, I can make a safe bet that many of you are sitting their pondering on whether or not you should sign up and take part. Am I really good enough? Will there be lots of people watching and judging me? Will I mess up? Will it be too hard? Yes, these are all questions that I have asked myself on numerous occasions and each and every time I sign up for another competition I question myself. For those of you who know me and my background before CrossFit, you may be thinking I have it easy. I come from 15 years of training in one of the most brutal sports, Thai Boxing. I competed at a high level for 10 of those years and trust me, it never got easier and I would have constant mental battles with myself about why I was doing it and would I be good enough. Still to this day when I compete in CrossFit I have the same battles with myself.

So I wanted to use this blog to try and help ease some of the pressure you may be putting on yourself. Answer a few questions for those of you still unconvinced or perhaps need a tiny bit of encouragement to sign up to your first competition. When I started CrossFit over 2 years ago I came from a very competitive background. I competed in sports all through school and then took up fighting. CrossFit seemed like a logical next step for me. I trained for about 2 months before someone suggested I enter the London Box Battles. I was nervous and worried that I might have bitten off more than I can chew. But I got my head down, believed in myself and just went in there to have fun. I had nothing to lose. I ended up winning my category (and winning my first pair of CrossFit shoes. The start of a collection I am now very proud of 😉

So here are a few things I can imagine some of you might be worrying about. Why should you compete?

The only answer to this is yes you are good enough! You have all been through your fundamentals, you have all done enough workouts in class and team workouts on a Saturday, so you have as much knowledge as the next person. At Perpetua we would never put you in to class unless you had the knowledge required to try out the workouts we give you each day. You may not be able to do the weights as prescribed, but you will most likely surprise yourself with what you will be able to pull off on the day. The Box Battles has 3 categories, A, B & C and each one is scaled appropriately.

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Remember at school when you used to compete in sports and games? As we get older and grow into adults we seem to believe that we have to retire that side of us. We take on responsibilities, jobs, families, general life gets in the way and takes priority. We forget about the thrill of competition, of what it feels like to really test ourselves. Whether that is on a physical or mental level. Every single time I step onto the arena floor in a CrossFit competition, or when I used to step into the ring as a fighter I would look down at the floor and say “what the hell was I thinking? When did I become so scared?” But very quickly I would remember, I trained for this, I know what I am doing and I am the one who decided to do this. I took ownership of it and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I can only try my best. We didn’t grow up to fail at things, but what I did eventually realise is that we did feel this nervous as kinds, it’s just that the stakes weren’t so high in our heads. But that is putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves. As adults we suddenly believe that we are not supposed to fail at things. We avoid putting ourselves out there for fear of failure. But the only real failure is the failure to try and the measure of success is how we cope with disappointment. And without risks we can miss out on the biggest thrills.

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When I trained for fights and even when I train for CrossFit competitions, I thrive off training with people who are better than me. When I get the opportunity to go head to head with someone who I know is stronger or fitter or has a better skill set than I do, it drives me. The same applies when I compete. I know that I am not the best out there, I am far from it. But to be able to compete alongside these people and knowing that I am doing the same prescribed weights as these people, only encourages me to do better. It deepens my appreciation for their skill & dedication.

It is fun! Trust me, you will experience moments, have conversations with people, see things, feel things that will put a huge smile on your face and light a fire in your belly. Competition bonds us. It’s like we are going to battle together. The atmosphere is inviting, not intimidating. Everyone is in it together and people will support you. Invite your friends and family along to watch. Trust me, they will think you are AMAZING! Because you are!

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Do you really know how your body works under pressure? Most of us have had or currently have an office job of some sort and we all know how our minds work under pressure. But have you ever really tested yourself physically under pressure? Do you know what you are actually capable of when the time comes? These competitions are not here to catch you out, they are here to test us. As humans we are constantly evolving, growing. All these experiences are like paragraphs, chapters, stories that create the person that we are. And none of us are perfect, we all have flaws or imperfections, but that is exactly what makes us so inexplicably amazing! Believe in yourself and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard and there is nothing you cannot accomplish. If the mind is strong, the physical possibilities are endless.

If any of you would like to talk a bit more about this with me or your coach then please come and see us at the box. I am happy to chat to anyone who is vaguely interested in competing. And if you have now made your mind up, here is the link to register below.


See you on the arena floor! Until next time…

Coach Lexi


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