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All members and athletes of the gym have different reasons they are here. Everyone has their own goals they are chasing – whether that be fitness, weight loss, strength etc. But we all have one thing in common… CrossFit!

CrossFit is not for everyone, that’s fair. But anyone who has joined up has been immediately addicted. Outsiders sometimes refer to it as a ‘cult’ but this is only because they cannot understand the strongly built community we are part of.

First Impression
What drew me into CrossFit was its difference to any other gym I had ever been in. The warehouse box gym, the loud music, no machines – just plates dropping, people moving from one movement to the next, pushing themselves to their own limit…. A sport of fitness.. This is what got me involved! This was the type of gym I wanted to be part of.

Competing with Yourself and Your Goals
When you start CrossFit everything is new. There is a never ending ladder of new movements and skills. Whenever you have finally mastered one exercise there is a harder progression awaiting around the corner. Eg. Being told for the first time that you are going to try a head stand today. In disbelief you give it a go. As time goes by this movement has become a learned skill and you begin to take on the handstand, handstand walks, and onto handstand walks for time/distance. Mastering skills takes time, practice and consistency.

I believe CrossFit brings out the competitive nature in people. When you are on the gym floor and you see someone doing a skill that they make look so easy motivates us to give it a go. Before you know it you have now learned how to do Double Unders, or Muscle Ups, like a video game – you are onto the next level and want more.


Competition and the Whiteboard
This is my favourite part of the game. The WOD.

Whether you are a competitive person or not, when it is time to workout and you know your score is going up – you are going to work your ass off to beat that person who is always those couple of seconds faster than you.

Whether you come last or first – no one really cares as we have all gone through the same battle. But I believe the race to finish first, or to take most reps/rounds and overtake that person who has always been slightly ahead of you is what makes it worth doing.

The biggest achievement for me was when I started out and being able to put RX on the board. I didn’t care about coming first I just wanted to complete the WOD RX. Once that came then it was time to beat the name above me and so on. Every time you defeat a challenge, another arises.


This is what our new PROOF board is for. Not everyone wants to be competitive…

For those who do, we have created a board where your daily score can be placed and others can aim to beat!

The coach of the class will take your score on the regular class whiteboard and once standards have been approved you can write your name on the ‘Proof’ Board for that day. And wipe out the person before you if you beat their score 😉

Coach Jamie

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