Congratulations to our Athlete of the Month – Stephen McQuaid!

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1> Where are you from?

I am from the south side of Dublin but currently taking the soup North of the Liffey

2> When you’re not at Perpetua what do you do for work and for fun?

I manage global brands on YouTube over at Google HQ and for fun, I like to cycle, read, eat, gossip and travel

3> How did you find out about CrossFit?

Pricey waded through the Dominos boxes and cans to pull me from the brink in Dec 2012. You can read all about my journey in my upcoming Perpetua blog post

4> How long have you been a member at Perpetua?

Let me see, I remortgaged the house in Dec 2012 for the fundamentals, so been a fully fledged member since Jan 2013

5> Why do you do CrossFit?

I would be the type of guy to walk into a regular gym and spend an hour pottering around drinking a few cups of water and not knowing what I’m at, so I really enjoy the class format and how the programming is all set out. It also fits nicely into my day.

6> How often do you train?

Try to make it in at least 4 times a week, straddling between the strength and Crossfit classes

7>What are your fitness goals?

Main goal at the moment is to finish the Open RX or at least until the muscle ups appear.

7> What is your greatest achievement?

Successfully guessed the answer to a pub quiz question after just one clue, “I am a movie”. IMDB have over 3.6 million titles in their database which gives you an idea of just how stacked the odds were against me. The answer was “Big”

9> What or who motivates you?

Playing a small part in Tom Gleeson’s march to the top 50 is a real motivator.

10> What is your favourite and least favourite WOD or movement?

Favorite would be rowing, least favorite would be hand stand push ups. Both dictated by my awkwardly long arms.

11>Would you recommend CrossFit to your friends and family? What advice would you give them starting out?

I would and have done. Crossfit gets its fair amount of slack from people who have never really experienced it but in most cases, when people try it out, they find they really enjoy it.

12>Favourite cheat meal?

Paulie’s Pizza

13> Favourite thing about Perpetua?

The community

14>Bonus question: Most memorable or funniest moment at Perpetua?

Seeing people spasming on the ground after Open WOD 15.5 was a good laugh

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